United America Remembers–Hillary Clinton: ‘We’re All Going to Hang From Nooses’ – Will the left be saved by AG Barr? Will the guilty hang from the nooses as Billary stated?

Google interfered with this blog. For documentary purposes.

All of the evidence proved that the community organizer, Obama Democrats, committed crimes and AG Barr has withheld those crimes from the people. We have heard and seen the actual evidence to prove this; but, the person who was entrusted with it has proved that he will protect the left and is part of the swamp. By withholding this evidence AG Barr is complicit in the crime and lied to the citizens. Plain and simple.

Its seems the tech companies/media/democratic marxists continue to work against the American citizens. The tech companies are trying to keep the Democrat/Obama/Biden truth from being shown to the voters. The Democrat Pelosi Marxists are still parading around with trying to start up the process of the 25th amendment to rid both Trump and Biden to bring in the dark horse Harris into play. How much harvesting of votes is being injected into the voting process. Again, AG Barr is playing against the Constitution by not revealing the truth about the crimes the Obama/Democrats have committed and playing along with the dark side.

Things are not looking good unless the conservatives go ALL OUT and out vote the left. Is AG Barr working with the left and has tricked President Trump?

Bikers and boaters, police and fire, farmers and truckers, active military and dutiful veterans, along with millions of grassroots Trump Train caravan paraders, are welcoming citizens of all ages, creeds and color in their determination to save America.

We must out vote the criminal left.


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