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Senator Harris didn’t show up for the hearing for the new Supreme Court judge Amy Coney Barrett today because she and Senator Hironi made such an a$$ of themselves during SC Judge Kavanaugh’s hearing by being so hateful and full of lies and broke the law by lying at the hearing. The Chair of the Committee Grassley promised those who lied under oath will be prosecuted – but, we are still waiting for that to happen. Harris used the coronavirus as an excuse for not being present; but, she continues to meet the public at Democrat campaigns. Liar, again!

The problem with the U.S. is we have too many foreigners who have entered our country and have no formal upbringing under the Constitution. Harris has been brain-washed with a Canadian progressive upbringing which is as far left as you can get.

Plus, we have to understand the Obama Democrats are under investigation for treason. They all tried to take over the government with a coup. This is why they don’t like Barrett because she follows the law under the Constitution and the Democrats haven’t followed the Constitution since Obama was elected and that is why our country is in such a mess following Obama’s Islam laws whereby you are guilty until proven innocent instead of innocent until proven guilty under the Constitution.

Justice has to be served to these Democrats.


Kamala Harris, a disco-dancing teenager, yearned for home in Canada.


(Dan Bilefsky ©️ 2020 The New York Times)

MONTREAL — There were heirs to Canadian fortunes who lived in hillside mansions and arrived at their high school in luxury cars.

There were children of Caribbean immigrants who commuted by bus or subway from a historically Black neighborhood.

There were Anglophones, Francophones and kids from Chinatown.

And then there was Kamala Harris, an extroverted American teenager who had moved to Montreal from California at age 12, dreamed of becoming a lawyer and liked dancing to Diana Ross and Michael Jackson.

Thrown into one of Montreal’s most diverse public high schools, the young Harris — whose father was from Jamaica and mother from India — identified as African American, her friends from high school recalled. At the same time, they said, she deftly navigated the competing racial and social divisions at the school.

(This is true – Kamala identifies as an African American – she is not an African American – just posing as one – to get ahead. Kind of like Eliz Warren posing as an Indian.

“In high school, you were either in the white or the Black group,” said Wanda Kagan, her best friend from Westmount High School, who had a white mother and an African American father. “We didn’t fit exactly into either, so we made ourselves fit into both.”

The future senator spent her formative adolescent years in a multicultural environment typical of many Canadian public schools. As she makes history as the first woman of color on a presidential ticket, Canadians have claimed her as a native daughter, seeing her as an embodiment of the country’s progressive politics.

“Joe Biden’s new running mate, Kamala Harris, is a Westmount High graduate,” gushed the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Such is the Kamala mania here that the school has designated an official to field media calls, which have come from across Canada as well as Latin America and Japan.

Some also have a sense that if her ticket wins, it could mend Canada’s fraught ties with a once dependable ally.

“She got educated in her earliest years through a Canadian lens and that was bound to have rubbed off,” said Bruce Heyman, a former ambassador to Canada under President Barack Obama.

Harris came to Montreal with her sister, Maya, and her mother, Dr. Shyamala Gopalan Harris, a breast cancer researcher who was divorced from the girls’ father, an eminent economist, and moved the family to pursue her career.

Harris, who was born in 1964, has downplayed her time in Canada amid a racist misinformation campaign that she was not born American. She declined to comment for this article.

But in her memoir, “The Truths We Hold: An American Journey,” she described the culture shock of the move.

“I was 12 years old, and the thought of moving away from sunny California in February, in the middle of the school year, to a French-speaking foreign city covered in 12 feet of snow was distressing,” she wrote.

“My mother tried to make it sound like an adventure, taking us to buy our first down jackets and mittens, as though we were going to be explorers of the great northern winter,” she wrote. “But it was hard for me to see it that way.”

Her mother initially sent the sisters to a Francophone school. It was a tumultuous time in Quebec, with an ascendant nationalist party and culture wars over language.

“I used to joke that I felt like a duck, because all day long at our new school I’d be saying, ‘Quoi? Quoi? Quoi?’” — What? What? What? — Harris wrote in her memoir.

At age 13, childhood friends said, Kamala mobilized local children to demonstrate in front of their apartment building because the owner had banned children from playing on the lawn. He backed down.

Eventually the family settled on the top floor of a spacious Victorian home in an affluent neighborhood bordering Westmount, one of Canada’s wealthiest districts.

“It was a comfortable home, with high ceilings, hardwood floors, Persian carpets,” recalled Kagan, who first met Harris in eighth grade and lived with her family for a time to escape an abusive stepfather.

In September, Harris wrote a tweet about her friend’s abuse, saying, “One of the reasons I wanted to be a prosecutor was to protect people like her.”

Westmount High, which counts Leonard Cohen among its alumni, was founded in 1874. Its catchment included not only the moneyed Westmount municipality, but also Little Burgundy — once known as “the Harlem of the North” — whose Black churches, Black community center and storied jazz clubs made it a center for Black culture.

The school was roughly 60% white and 40% Black in 1978-81, when Harris attended it, said Garvin Jeffers, a former principal who then led the math department.

Still, Kagan said the school’s divisions “were more about who had the latest Jordache jeans than about race.”

Harris straddled the school’s diverse worlds, her friends said.

Hugh Kwok, the child of Chinese immigrants, can be seen in a 1981 yearbook photo with Harris’ arm leaning on his shoulder. Harris, he said, “melted in with everyone.”

Anu Chopra Sharma, who was in Harris’ French and math classes, recalled the two bonding over having Indian names.

“She said to me, ‘You have an Indian name but you don’t look Indian,’ and I said the same to her,” she said.

“You couldn’t easily label her,” Sharma added.

Although Harris mingled widely, Kagan said “she identified as being African American.” She found belonging in the Black community, and “was drawn to the Little Burgundy kids.”

That is why Harris is so far left – even more so than Bernie Sanders. She is not a moderate Democrat for sure.


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