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They are criminals and participated in the coup against our duly-elected President.

Also, I have this feeling that if Biden does win that Pelosi will try to use the 26th amendment of the Constitution to dump Biden and install Harris, who is not qualified to be the President.  The purpose of this is that the Democrats have promised the black people they would do this.  Harris is the most unqualified of the persons in the Democratic Party who was running for office and who was removed because her lack of ability. 

I find Joe Biden and Kamala Harris offensive and lacking the ability to help the country since they are part of the criminal acts put on this country by Obama.  They would only continue Obama’s criminal activities against the Constitution.  They are following an ideology which is against the Constitution. 

Why I am voting for Donald Trump.  He has fulfilled the promises he made and needs another four years to bring justice to our country against the Democrats who committed crimes against our country and tried to take over the country.  

If you vote for Biden/Harris you are voting for criminals who should not even be in the race.


Who Should You Vote for President?

When voting for a president determine whether the motives of the president match the motivations, needs and values of the country. Charisma, speeches, attractiveness and effective campaigning can be deceptive. Therefore make a conscious effort to research. You should:

1. Review their political record, professional experience and past achievements to determine if they have the capacity to improve the country. Many candidates will lie and exaggerate their ability to make positive changes, however they may not actually have those skills or even the clout to do what’s needed. Do some fact checking to make sure that the achievements they claim are accurate.

2. Observe the candidate’s body language and facial expressions. Facial expressions are for your protection because a dishonest person can threaten your survival. For example, if you depend on Pell Grants and a candidate lies about maintaining them, the result could be you leaving college and becoming impoverished. It’s difficult for humans to hide their facial expressions and body language which allow others to know their true emotions and motives. Use this to your advantage.

3. Use inferences to make a judgment on his values. Then determine if his personality and political ideology coincides with the current political climate. A candidate that is running may not be the best match for managing the current conditions of the country, however he may be better suited for another election cycle.

4. Pay close attention to their campaign trail. Some candidates will make one promise to a blue state and then turn around and make opposite claims to a red state. Is this candidate spreading lies about the other candidate? Is the candidate attempting to manipulate the electorate?

5. Is the candidate open to a variety of opinions? Close minded candidates are dangerous because they refuse to consider other opinions that could resolve complex issues. They are also more susceptible to group think. Observe how the candidates react to opinions that they don’t agree with. Do they become enraged? Do they seem to be stifling rage or do they have a smug expression? Yes, candidates should be passionate about their position however they should be genuinely curious about other people’s position. Some past presidents have been so stubborn and prideful that they would rather watch America crumble than change their original position.

6. Who is this candidate’s team? One time I wanted to vote for a candidate however his team was unethical. The team includes organizations, individuals, PACS, his running mate and others that support the president. Some presidents attempt to hide their team. For example there are organizations that are engaging in voter intimidation and trying to suppress the vote of disadvantage populations. They are claiming to be an nonpartisan organization however they are actually supporting a specific candidate and political party. The president’s current team gives insight into the types of people that he or she will appoint in various positions. If the candidate has a corrupt team now, those same corrupt people will occupy important positions within government.


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Why would anyone vote for Kamala Harris or Joe Biden? The typical answer I get is a non-answer, an attack on Donald Trump. That attack usually consists of a bunch of unsupported assertions. That is, the Harris/Biden supporter starts spouting off all the unsubstantiated charges they have heard in the biased, Liberal Democrat news media. […]

Added comments from the Arlin Report: Harris joined the ticket after highly criticizing Joe Biden in the primary debates! Called Joe racist, which he is. But that is okay now……as long as she has a chance to get in the White House? She either doesn’t care about racism until it is convenient for herself, or doesn’t believe her own two cents worth of BS. Thing is, in the primary debates she had it right, about Joe other than she may have exaggerated about herself. Harris will break her own core values she says she has…

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