By: Michael Muckleroy

(The letter will be inserted.)


Since the 2016 election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, many Democrats have been trying to delegitimize the election results. Their attempts included a false dossier paid for by the DNC and the Clinton campaign, accusations of Russian collusion by President, illegal FISA warrants, leaked classified information to ensure it was released to the press and the creation of the Robert Mueller probe and special counsel. Since their previous attempts were unsuccessful to oust President Trump and overturn the election results, are they are now doubling down by trying to create chaos in the 2020 presidential election by mailing out mail-in ballots? Are their efforts to change election laws so close to an election wise or even a competent decision?

If you look at the few states this year that tried to accept mail-in ballots, it’s a warning bell for the November election. In Wisconsin, many voters said their absentee ballots went undelivered. Three tubs of absentee ballots that never reached voters were discovered in a postal center outside of Milwaukee. At least 9,000 absentee ballot requested by voters were never sent and others recorded and sent were never received. Even when voters did return their completed ballot in the mail, thousands were postmarked too late to count. Not exactly a 5 star rating for the USPS for service and reliability.

The chaos in New York is a warning. The first large scale test of mail-in voting in the pandemic has left one in five New Yorkers with their votes tossed out. More than a month after New York June 23 primary elections, state election officials were still counting votes. In the best case scenario election officials finally declared winners in August, 6 weeks after Election Day. The New York election infrastructure was overwhelmed by a massive increase in voters requesting absentee ballots rather than risking voting in person. The already rickety US Postal Service didn’t move the ballots to and from voters quickly enough. Plus, election officials seemed more interested in pointing fingers rather than solving the problems. New York’s June election were primaries for local races with no partisan change in power at stake in a much smaller pool of voters than a general election. New York is a solidly democratic state and all the officials who matter said they were committed to expanding voting by mail and other options and it was a disaster.

Imagine what happens when the results matter more. Imagine it’s December 5 a month after the national election this November. Is President Donald Trump ahead or is Joe Biden? Who’s ahead in close house races? Senate races? Local races or state legislation? Are votes still coming in? Are the votes being contested? Who’s making the decisions? Which courts are getting involved? Recounts, if they’re needed, would be in January? February? When is the presidential election going to be called? When will every seat be filled for the next session of Congress?
Theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2020/07/new – York-election-failure-mail-in–voting/614446/

In regards to the above photo, it’s a picture of a letter with an important document that was mailed to me on September 8, 2020. I am writing this blog because I finally received the letter today, October 8, 2020. The letter came from Harper Texas and was to be delivered to San Antonio Texas which is an 84 mile distance. The letter took 30 days to go 84 miles. Not exactly a glowing recommendation for the competence of the US Postal Service and their ability to process the mail especially when it includes ballots which determine the future of our republic. Taking an even deeper look at USPS, their financial viability continues to be high risk because USPS cannot fund its current level of services and financial obligations from its revenues. USPS has lost $69 billion over the past 11 fiscal years-including $3.9 billion in fiscal year 2018. Currently the USPS is more than $160 billion in debt and it’s telling Congress it will run out of cash and needs a $75 billion infusion.

Are Democrat politicians going to risk the legitimacy of the election and put the results of an election into the hands of an agency that is basically bankrupt and incompetent?

Looks that way.


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