For starters – don’t forget – President Trump is a businessman not a politician who tells the story as it is – and Biden is a lying politician.

Watching the debate and Joe Biden versus President Trump was a feat in itself. For starters – no one is talking about – was there a WIRE hanging inside Biden’s shirt whereby he was being SPOON-FED INFORMATION?

Have you noticed when he is out and about campaigning you never see if he is really where he tells us he is – we do not see the people? Are these more lies?

Biden is like a see-saw in his own intelligence – something is going on – is it more tricks of the Democrats trade? He is playing sick in case they start indicating the Obama criminals.

From my screen, the only thing I remember about Obama/Biden is they took our economy and jobs to Mexico and all parts of the world. Look at us right now – China was making the bulk of our medicine. Look at our TV’s, refrigerators, etc. Our service providers can’t even get parts for things we need repaired.

Biden/Obama are making U.S. look like the fools. The plumber can’t even order parts for our commodes since everything comes from overseas. I had to get in line to buy a new freezer in August and it was promised in September. Now here it is the middle of October and I still haven’t received it. Obama with Biden riding his tail caused our present grief. Now Biden is telling us he wants the AOC’s GREEN DEAL.

All of their eight years took us to where we are in the ditch – just look at our debt and how Biden/Obama doubled the debt. Why should we trust Biden with the most radical person by his side – Kamala Harris who put more black people in jail than any other attorney general.

Now Biden is trying to get out of the ditch by spinning his wheels and all I can see is the tire treads are flat and worn out.


As Robert Gates famously stated:

Biden Wrong On Foreign Policy And Lying About It (Again)

CHQ Staff | 1/6/20

Richard Viguenes

Biden on Iran
As former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates once said, Joe Biden has been “wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” Now Biden is lying and trying to rewrite history to cover up those miscalculations and failures in judgement.

In recent days, he’s told lie after lie to voters, all the while refusing to give straight answers to simple questions like, “was the killing of Soleimani an ‘assassination’?”

Here are six recent lies about foreign policy from Joe Biden:

  1. Iran

BIDEN’S LIE: Biden said Friday that the United States’ response to Iran killing an American and wounding U.S. troops over Christmas and then attacking U.S. Embassy Baghdad had put an “extremely dangerous problem that our administration had solved and put on the back burner, back on the table.”

  • THE TRUTH: The claim that the Obama-Biden Administration “solved” the problem of Iran is absurd. President Obama admitted that down the road his Iran nuclear deal would have allowed the rogue regime to build the bomb almost instantly. As the deal was being finalized, Iran took 10 American sailors hostage. After the deal was done, Iran continued its provocations against U.S. military assets throughout 2016, accompanied by chants of “death to America!”
  1. Afghanistan

BIDEN’S LIE: Biden told the Des Moines Register that he “argued from the very beginning, there’s no nation building. There’s been no nation building there for five centuries.”

  • THE TRUTH: In October 2001, before the U.S. military had even arrived in Afghanistan, Biden was eager to nation build. As CNN reported at the time, after meeting with Colin Powell, then-Senator Biden was set to propose “legislation for a long-term reconstruction and development plan in Central and South Asia following any military campaign against Afghanistan…. [The plan will be] similar in nature to the Marshall Plan’s reconstruction of Europe after World War II … [and] would cover Afghanistan and the Central Asian countries, including Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, as well as Pakistan.”
  1. Iraq

BIDEN’S LIE: At a Saturday rally in Iowa, Biden once again repeated his false claim that he opposed the war in Iraq “from the very moment” President George W. Bush launched it.

  • THE TRUTH: When he was called out for this lie in September by FactCheck.org, PolitiFact, and The Washington Post, Biden claimed he misspoke. Now we know that was a lie too.
  1. al Qaeda

BIDEN’S LIE: On Friday, Biden said “I didn’t” when asked by a reporter whether he counseled President Obama not to launch the 2011 raid against Osama bin Laden.

  • THE TRUTH: In 2012, Biden told the story of how he counseled Obama “don’t go.” This version of events is corroborated by President Obama himself and at least 6 other Obama Administration officials. In 2015, Biden changed his story. As even CNN’s Daniel Dale pointed out Saturday, “In Biden’s 2012 account, he said he thought he owed Obama a firm opinion at a key group meeting, and had said ‘don’t go’ before doing more intel work. In Biden’s 2015 account, he’d said he’d never give Obama a firm opinion at a group meeting, so waited, and said ‘go’ in private. … Biden’s 2012 and 2015 accounts are incompatible.”
  1. Israel

BIDEN’S LIE: Asked about President Trump fulfilling a campaign promise and moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, Biden said, “I wouldn’t have done it in the first place.”

  • THE TRUTH: As a Senator, Biden backed numerous pieces of legislation that supported both moving the embassy and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In 2008, Biden said “it’s been my position for years.”
  1. Ukraine

BIDEN’S LIE: Biden claimed that “Nobody warned me about a potential conflict of interest” when his son Hunter joined the board of corrupt Ukrainian gas company Burisma.

  * THE TRUTH: We know multiple Obama Administration officials were sounding the alarm about Hunter selling his family's influence. If Biden was completely unaware of this, why did he tell Hunter, "I hope you know what you are doing"?


Fox Business


Biden is spinning on the economy he and Obama handed off to Trump: Stephen Moore.

The claim that BIDEN MADE: Trump ‘blew it’ when he became president is quite a claim

By Stephen Moore

Trump missed ‘golden opportunity’ to contrast economic record with Biden: Bobby Jindal

Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal weighs in on the first presidential debate and Trump and Biden’s economic agendas.

One thing we learned from the debate in Cleveland last Tuesday, when President Trump wasn’t interrupting, is that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden makes up numbers on the fly. There was a lot of fibbing going on. Consider this exchange between the two candidates:

BIDEN: We handed (Trump) a booming economy. He blew it. He blew it.

TRUMP: It wasn’t booming.

WALLACE: Sir, wait. Is it fair to say he blew it when … there was record low unemployment before COVID?

BIDEN: Yeah. Yeah, because what he did, even before COVID, manufacturing went in the hole. Manufacturing went in the hole.

He went on to say that President Barack Obama created manufacturing jobs, but they fell under President Donald Trump.

Former presidential candidate Steve Forbes and Democratic fundraiser and donor Don Peebles on the presidential debate.

The claim that Trump “blew it” when he became president is quite a claim given that the unemployment rate, the poverty rate, the interest rate and the inflation rate hit all-time lows in 2019, according to the Census Bureau and the Department of Labor. Employment, wages, median incomes and wealth hit an all-time high.

Median households saw a $6,400 gain in real income in three years under Trump, compared with the approximately $4,000 increase made in eight years under Obama and Biden. As one who served as an economic adviser for Trump, I can say definitively that these were exactly the results from our tax cuts, deregulation efforts and pro-America energy policies. They worked like a charm.

One of our proudest results was the surge in blue-collar employment under Trump.

Here are the numbers for the eight years of Obama’s presidency and the first three years under Trump (prepandemic):


Obama: -192,000

Trump: 475,000


Obama: -112,000

Trump: 63,000


Obama: 280,000

Trump: 746,000

Yes, under the early months of the pandemic, when government-imposed shutdowns ground industrial production to a virtual halt, the factories were bolted shut. That would have happened if Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Mother Teresa or Hillary Clinton were president during this public health crisis.

What matters is the status of blue-collar jobs before the pandemic and since the economy has started to reopen.

Since the shutdowns ended, blue-collar jobs have been surging back. Several hundred thousand manufacturing jobs have come back, and many factories and construction sites now have “for hire” signs in the windows.

Biden is right that we still need to get hundreds of thousands of these high-paying blue-collar jobs back in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and New Jersey, among other states.

Trump wants to do that by continuing to cut taxes and promote American energy production. Biden wants to do it by raising taxes by $4 trillion.

Americans will have to decide which approach will work better.


I think he is lying again and will have to go along with the Sanders’ manifesto he signed off on – THE NEW GREEN DEAL. My gut feeling tells me that he will let Kamala Harris make the decisions and he will “bask in the sun as President.” If he is elected? Plain and simple.

If that is the case – WE ARE IN DOUBLE TROUBLE!



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