It was amazing watching this hearing, Senate Judiciary Committee, with Comey trying to inject his memory lapse in conjunction with the Senate. The Democrats participation was nil and the one that blew me away was Senator Amy Klobuchar who started out stating that she had better things to do besides not being there. She stated that Comey was a friend who helped her in the past.

It was disgusting with all of the information which was been found in this investigation and not one Democrat participated in this hearing to hold Comey guilty of participating in this coup on President Trump except the Republicans. These Democrats are members of this committee and they (Klobuchar) are derelict of their duty to the American people. The Democrats made a mockery of the hearing and should be removed from this committee for lack of due diligence.

It is a shame that the Democrats only like the law when it pertains to the Republicans.

Senators Cruz and Lee held Comey’s feet to the fire and blasted him for his treason against our country. Comey tried to come across of not having the ability to recall specific items due to his lack of memory.

Enough information has been brought forward and it is time for the DOJ AG Barr to go forward with the indictments even before the election. All of these Democrats have committed fraud and some are running for office which is unheard of – to allow a person under investigation for the most egregious crime against our country to allow them to run for office. A good example is Joe Biden who is running for President who will be able to destroy all of the evidence if elected.

What a stain on those officials who are allowing this.


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