KOMMONSENTSJANE – D’Souza torches the press and Biden.

Dinesh D Souza (@dineshdsouza) • Twitter

D’Souza’s tweet – 9-06-2020:

When reporters ask Biden questions, their tone is one of talking to a patient in a nursing home. It’s one step removed from baby talk. They know Biden is basically an imbecile, even as they try – ever so gently – to haul him across the finish line.

1:07 PM September 6, 2020

Free Pressers


You and I both know that the fourth estate is not the independent watchdog they pretend to be. These so-called journalists believe that history is on the tracks of social progression, and it’s their job to keep the train safely rolling.

I’m not saying that opinion-based reporting has no place in our society, but authors and curators need to be honest with their consumers.


The press’s relationship with government and big business is incestuous. 6 corporations (CBS, Disney, GE, Newscorp, Time Warner, and Viacom) control 90% of American media. These billion-dollar enterprises publish content for nearly 300 million Americans daily.

It’s silly to pretend that these businesses are agnostic to government policy. To the contrary-they are highly invested in government policy and are determined to have government work on their behalf.

These people think they are the best society has to offer, but we have better options. NOW is the time to decentralize and help FreePressers correct the record. Your contribution will aid the reporting and curation from lesser known, yet valuable sources. Fight the mainstream dogmas and donate today!


Robert Morton
Free Press Foundation



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