KOMMONSENTSJANE – Can the Present-Day Democrat Party Govern America (with or without Joe Biden)?

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The answer is no!

“With or without Joe Biden” it would be a disaster because the radical left will take over if Biden is elected (they have been told to keep their mouths shut (are staying out of site) until after the election and then they would use sharia law not the Constitution as Pelosi has done since Obama was elected.  If the citizens want freedom we must have the U.S. Constitution in play and means they must vote for freedom.  This is a make or break election for the people’s freedom.

Voting for a Democrat means the NEW GREEN DEAL (AOC PLUS 4) – which is socialism and NO FREEDOM.  They will take over EVERYTHING WITH NO FREEDOM.  Don’t let them fool us again (remember Obama’s lies).


Nwo Report

Sleepy Joe promises to put all fossil fuel workers on ...

Source: Steve McCann

The cabal fronted by Joe Biden is selling hatred of Donald Trump and his voters and prefers that voters not worry about their ability to govern should the Democrats win the Senate andinstallHarris-Biden.

This same cabal that would be charged with governing the nation has, for the past four years, marginalized, physically confronted and repeatedly accused the 63 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump of being not only racists but fascists and white supremacists as well as homophobic, xenophobic and among the vilest people on the face of the earth. What will be their intentions for these rightfully incensed citizens? Ignore them and hope they go away? They will not. Instead, the Democrat party cabal will continue to vilify half of the voters in 2020 thus potentially fomenting serious ongoing confrontations and retaliation.

Over the years154 millionobservant Christians have been denigrated, mocked…

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