This is a perfect example and this woman wants to be the future vice president. This is how the left lies and twist and turn the truth.

Two cops shot in Louisville, KY, while baby sitting the announcement about the Taylor Grand Jury. Something is wrong with the system. When a policeman is sent out on the streets of any city to protect the citizens and the city then they should be given FULL authority to make that happen. If not, don’t send them out. We have to enforce the laws of this country because we have outside forces that are involved in this.

We are allowing 13% of the people control the whole and that has to stop. All laws should apply to the whole.

My suggestion in regards to the problem is. The city should issue the Grand Jury results and also state the case conclusions in simple terms, plain and simple. Instead of allowing the left to announce fake results to cause problems.

Last month, speaking at the Republican National Convention, Kentucky’s Republican attorney general, Daniel Cameron, mentioned the killing of Breonna Taylor only in passing, saying:

“But even as anarchists mindlessly destroy American cities by attacking police and innocent bystanders, we Republicans recognize those who work in good faith for peace, justice and equality. In fact, it was General Dwight Eisenhower, future Republican President, who said: ‘Democracy is a system which recognizes the equality of human beings before the law.’ Whether you are the family of Breonna Taylor or David Dorn, these are the ideals that will heal the wounds of our nation. Republicans will never turn a blind eye to unjust acts, but neither will we accept this all-out assault on Western civilization.”

My opinion is – there should be a news black out until the OFFICIAL word comes out about the results of the Grand Jury because the Democrat left continue to make trouble for our nation.

The word should explain, “this all happened in conjunction with a WARRANT for drugs in Taylor’s apartment when someone in that apartment shot at the police as they entered. Then all hell broke loose.” This is what happens every day some where in the world of fighting drugs and no one ends up being a winner.

Why is it that sports individuals always get tangled up in the world of drugs?

Let’s be honest with each other!

Because – this is what this whole story is about – drugs, sports, and what happens to those involved in this because IT IS A BIG BUSINESS and people make a lot of money.

It never ends up as a pretty picture.


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