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Cruz blocks amended resolution honoring Ginsburg over language about her dying wish
Kaelan Deese 09/23/2020

Glad Schumer is not a doctor in charge of anything because those Democrats always seem to be plotting against somebody.

Democrats end up making a mockery of Ginsburg death. The Democrats are trying to allow Ginsburg even after her death to rule the funeral and the next pick of the litter.

We all must realize Ginsburg was not a judge for all of the people and certainly was not a judge for babies and children who were murdered and pulled apart by the Democrats for bid to the highest bidder.

Ginsburg stands in judgement before God at this time for not protecting unborn children.

It is my hope that Pelosi/Biden are praying for Ginsburg’s soul because she will need some help.


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) blocked an amended resolution honoring the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Tuesday, objecting to language about her reported dying wish that her successor not be chosen until a new president is installed.

“All the kind words and lamentations about Justice Ginsburg from the Republican majority will be totally empty if those Republicans ignore her dying wish and instead replace her with someone who will tear down everything she built,” Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said while addressing the resolution, which was introduced by Republicans in the upper chamber.

Schumer – give the American people a break – we have been through a lot because of your/Obama/Pelosi coup and now pulling on people’s heart strings with your words of emptiness are making you look ridiculous. You are making a laughing stock of Ginsburg.

“That, of course, is not the standard,” Cruz responded. “Under the Constitution, members of the judiciary do not appoint their own successors.”

The Texas Republican also said in his floor remarks that Schumer “put forth an amendment to turn that bipartisan resolution into a partisan resolution.”

“Specifically, the Democratic leader wants to add a statement that Justice Ginsburg’s position should not be filled until a new president is installed, purportedly based on a comment Justice Ginsburg made to family members shortly before she passed,” he said.

Schumer then said he believed “Justice Ginsburg would easily see through the legal sophistry,” adding that Cruz turned her “dying words” against her.

(That statement of Schumer’s is a typical salesman pitch to give the American people an underhanded deal. That is just too funny!)

Cruz ultimately objected to Schumer’s proposed amendment to the resolution, saying it was “beneath the dignity” of the Senate.

(The Democrats have no dignity. They think dignity is something that you eat during the holidays.)

Republicans are moving swiftly to nominate the next Supreme Court justice following Ginsburg’s death on Friday. The late jurist’s granddaughter said Ginsburg told her that her “most fervent wish” was that she not be replaced until a new president is installed.

Trump is expected to announce his nominee on Saturday.

Senate Republicans appear to have the votes to confirm the president’s nominee this year despite criticism that then-President Obama’s nominee was blocked head of the election in 2016.


May her soul rest in peace!


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