Even if Ginsburg did or didn’t write it – what difference does it make. The truth is – it doesn’t make any difference – she is DEAD – and life goes on.

If the Democrats were in the Republicans shoes – they would nominate the new person as part of the funeral.

So, hell’s bells – who cares. This woman’s blood ran through her veins as a Democrat from top to bottom. Since Justice Scalia, who was her friend, had no luck getting her to at least one time vote with the conservatives – maybe God will show her the way?

Let’s stop the wishin’ and move on – our country is hurtin’ due to ALL of the Democrats not just Ginsburg.


The Guardian

Trump doubts Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dying wish, claiming Democrats wrote it

Martin Pengelly

Donald Trump has attempted to cast doubt on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s dying wish, baselessly claiming a statement released by the supreme court justice’s family was written by Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer, prominent Democrats in Congress.

(Oh! My goodness – for heaven’s sake – stop the bartering. She is in Purgatory right now trying to convince God she had nothing to do with killing all of those babies at birth. Pelosi/Biden are going to have to pray – long and hard. There is a lot of atonement to be done.)

The move is likely to anger many who will see it as disrespectful to the millions of Americans mourning Ginsburg’s death, as well as a tasteless attack on the legacy of the pioneering woman justice.

(Oh! come on – can we just one time get through this death without pulling on the heart strings of the citizens. Ginsburg died on Friday, from pancreatic cancer at the age of 87. NPR reported that she had dictated a statement to her granddaughter.)

“My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed,” it said.

(So be it. The Democrats are part of the process. As the old saying goes, “we don’t always get what we want in life or death.)

Trump and Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell have vowed to press on with a nomination to replace Ginsburg before the election on 3 November or the inauguration on 20 January, even should Trump lose the presidency to Joe Biden and the Democrats retake the Senate.

Monday, President Trump said of Ginsburg’s statement dictated to her granddaughter: ‘I don’t know she said that, or was that written out by Adam Schiff or Pelosi?

Trump discussed the situation with Fox & Friends on Monday morning.

“I don’t know that she said that,” the president said of Ginsburg’s statement, “or was that written out by Adam Schiff or Pelosi?

“I would be more inclined to the second, OK – you know, that came out of the wind. That sounds so beautiful, but that sounds like a Schumer deal, or maybe Pelosi or for Shifty Schiff. So that came out of the wind, let’s say. I mean, maybe she did, and maybe she didn’t.”

Schiff, the chair of the House intelligence committee, and Pelosi, the House speaker, played prominent roles in Trump’s impeachment. Schumer, the Senate minority leader, will lead efforts to defeat Trump’s nomination. He has promised that in terms of tactics, “nothing is off the table”.

(Nothing but threats from the Democrats.)

Trump also said he would announce his pick – a woman – to replace Ginsburg this Friday or Saturday by waiting until after her funeral.

(All of these reporters need to take off their “hot pants” and wait for the announcement.)


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