Closeup of a Vote by Mail envelope, official balloting material – business reply mail, USPS first class mail.


It’s the PROCESSING PLANT – THE MIDDLE MAN’S FAULT – says each end. They check to see if there is a bomb in the one page letter.

On September 10, 2020, I sent a letter first class from Kerrville, TX, to San Antonio, TX, to pay a bill which included a check. As of today, September 20, 2020, it still hasn’t arrived at its destination in San Antonio, TX. Each end says – sorry – there is no way we can check where it is because it wasn’t certified.

And the Post Office is trying to make us believe our votes will be safe traveling through this maze of letters and packages.

At the Kerrville station the worker stated that it should take no more than three days. I further asked for the other end zip code post office number and was told that this number was no longer used and gave me another number which replaced it. Next, I checked with the recipient of the letter to verify the new zip code and was told that was false. The original number is still in play. Therefore, I check checked further and called the number for that zip code post office at the other end. The worker with whom I spoke said “just a moment” and left the phone and when he returned replied that he spoke with the carrier of the address of my letter said and they both checked – they do not have the letter. Then stated it was probably being held up by the middle man which is – the processing building who are having coronavirus labor shortages.

Now just think if these same people hold up any “outlaw” votes which are not processed what a mess the election will be which is the Democrats’ plans. The President – since this is a Federal election and not a state election – should take this to the Supreme Court whereby only LEGAL BALLOTS should be used and not these FAKE BALLOTS.

We have to stop this Democrat collusion before it starts.

Again, only legal ballots should be accepted.

And a note to the San Antonio processing plant – please do your job and get some help and quit “holding up” the people’s mail. People want to get paid just like you do.


Closeup of a Vote by Mail envelope, official balloting material – business reply mail, USPS first class mail.

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