KOMMONSENTSJANE – No Rational Person Can Vote Democrat in 2020.

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For your information.

That is true; but, we have a bunch of irrational government Democratic Party full of irrational ones from what I can see and hear.  Where is the “Nut Catcher?”



Let’s say this straight out, so there is no chance of any misinterpretation whatsoever: It is impossible for any sane, rational, level-headed person to consciously support the Democratic ticket in 2020. On every single issue, right down the line, the Republicans offer a better solution and their path of governance delivers a superior quality of life to every American. It is provable, unarguable and unequivocal.

Opposition to President Trump breaks down into three areas, none of which are valid reasons for voting for the Democrats.

Reason No. 1 — Emotional Blindness

This is a big one. Many voters — on both sides, in all candor — are emotionally wedded to their vote. Whether Democrat or Republican, they regard their party of choice as their “team,” a lifelong rooting interest. Family voting history, upbringing, and the thought of, “I’ve always voted that way” plays a big part in peoples’ voting decisions…

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