Each day, the news delivers different polls from each party. The only bad part is these polls are skewed to make each side think they are in charge and winning. To make the polls more believable they need to define how many on each side participated. Also, we know that people feel that giving out this information is an invasion of their privacy and is no one’s business. Or, they deceive by lying as to which side they actually are going to vote for.

In the end, people disregard this part of the preliminaries of the election.

Just watching the left side of the political equation and what the country has gone through with the radical left – why would you believe them – since they prove every day – they hate America and are trying to make it into the country where they came from which was nothing but a “den of thieves.”

Why are we going through this mayhem? Because the radical left are trying to destroy our country and make it a socialist country which made these same people “slaves;” but, yet, they want to be slaves again.


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