KOMMONSENTSJANE – Everyone Who Isn’t Nancy Pelosi Will Soon be Allowed to Get a Haircut in San Francisco.

Town Hall

Bronson Stocking – Posted: Sep 11, 2020 7:15 PM


It’s on all of us to do our part unless you’re Nancy Pelosi. On Aug 31, Pelosi famously visited a hair salon for a wash and a blow-out, in defiance of Mayor Breed’s ordinances banning such indoor services. Pelosi was captured on leak surveillance footage walking around the establishment without a face mask.

Perhaps it was Pelosi’s illegal visit to the hair salon that has now prompted Mayor Breed to move the city forward on its path to reopening. It’s hard to imagine San Francisco residents enjoying the second-class-citizens treatment.

It looks like Pelosi now has sour grapes in her vineyard:

During a CNN interview on Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi derisively called the peace agreements the Trump administration has sponsored this month between Israel and two Arab states, Bahrain and the UAE, “a distraction” from the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

Asked if the president deserves any credit for helping sponsor the deals, Pelosi said, “Well, hopefully, they won’t–” before continuing: “Hopefully they’re beneficial to the region.”

A note to Pelosi – American People Smarter Than What Pelosi, Media, Politicians Give Them Credit For.

This is why I don’t vote for “just” any woman in politics. It is always a game of “venom.”

San Francisco folks – can’t you give us a better official than this vicious women. She has used up her welcome card.

By the way – this was the result of her visit to the salon!


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