Just think, she would be in charge if something happened to Biden. Now that is damn scary! She is evil!

Devin Nunes on Why Kamala Harris Is ‘Unqualified’ to Be Vice President

Cortney O’Brien

Posted: Sep 14, 2020 9:30 AM

Devin Nunes on Why Kamala Harris Is ‘Unqualified’ to Be Vice President
Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

You may have thought the final impeachment vote in February would have been the end of the “Russia, Russia, Russia” narrative. But Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) brought the topic up again last week, suggesting that the Kremlin could cost her party the election. “Of course” Russia could cost Democrats the 2020 November election, she told CNN’s Dana Bash.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel shared her frustration, predicting that if the Biden-Harris ticket loses, they’ll take Hillary Clinton’s lead and blame Russia for the loss. In Hillary’s case it was one of many things she pointed fingers at.

Here we go again.

Democrats dragged the country through a Russia hoax for years when Hillary lost to @realDonaldTrump.

Now Kamala Harris is laying the groundwork to blame Russia if she and Biden lose.

This is a massive disservice to our country!
— Ronna McDaniel (@GOPChairwoman) September 6, 2020
Harris’s diatribe about Russia spurred a rebuke from her fellow Californian, Republican Devin Nunes. In an interview with Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo, Nunes excoriated Harris as an inexperienced, unaccomplished vice presidential nominee.

In the primaries, he reminded viewers, “she floundered, she fell flat, she was going to get last place in Iowa and NH and the early primaries…So she quickly dropped out after burning up millions of dollars.”

“She’s never really had a real race in California, because we’re a one party state…where the Republicans are really just sacrificial lambs,” Nunes added.

“She’s totally unqualified and she wouldn’t know what the hell the difference between Russian collusion and China collusion would be. All she knows – she’s a Politburo apparatchik that’s going to build the fight, fake narratives working with their propaganda arm, which happens to be 90 plus percent of the media in this country.”

In conclusion: “This is not a serious person that should be considered to be vice president of the United States.”

Nunes said that presidential nominee Joe Biden isn’t qualified for the position he’s running for either. Leading Democrats knew that Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) would lose, Nunes argued. So when they saw that he was winning the early contests, they panicked and propped up Biden.

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Reagan McCarthy

“He’s nothing more than just an avatar,” Nunes said of the nominee.

Newly released Justice Department records revealed that dozens of former members of Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion investigative team had phones that were wiped of information after messages between former FBI agent Peter Stzrok and former FBI attorney Lisa Page revealed anti-Trump bias.

Nunes told Bartiromo that we need more answers.

“So the question here is: Was there an investigation?” he said. “Because if there was, that could be obstruction of justice. But I think regardless of that, this is destruction of federal records. We cannot have a justice system — whether it’s at the federal level, or the state level, or the local level – where records are being destroyed.”


Where do we stand?

October 29, 2018
Hon. Johnny Isakson, Chairman
Hon. Christopher A. Coons, Vice Chairman
Senate Select Committee on Ethics
220 Hart Building
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510
Re: Senators Warren and Harris Fundraising Based Upon Official Action
Dear Senators Isakson and Coons:
The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust (FACT) is a nonprofit organization
dedicated to promoting accountability, ethics, and transparency in government and civic arenas.
We achieve this mission by hanging a lantern over public officials who put their own interests
over the interests of the public good.
We request the Senate Select Committee on Ethics immediately investigate Senators
Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris for violating the Senate Ethics prohibition against linking a
promise of official action to a solicitation of campaign contributions. The ethics rules implicated
are those that ensure our Senators act based upon merit and not to fund their political campaigns.
Violations of this rule threaten the underpinnings of public trust and must be investigated.
Senators Warren and Harris sent campaign fundraising emails based upon their official
actions during the confirmation process and upcoming vote of Supreme Court Justice Brett
Kavanaugh.1 Senator Warren’s fundraising email stated her position on the ongoing hearing and
“demand to delay the confirmation vote.”2 The email then states: “Elizabeth Warren is running
for reelection in 2018 . . DONATE NOW.”3 Senator Harris sent numerous emails fundraising
based upon her official duties. For instance, one of Harris’s fundraising emails stated she
“question[ed] Judge Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings” and indicates
her position on the confirmation.4 Then she requested a contribution with a “CONTRIBUTE”
button.5 Both Senators’ emails were sent during the confirmation process and before the Senators
were to vote, and their requested campaign donations were intertwined with their official duties
as Senators.
1 Exhibit A; Exhibit B.
2 Exhibit A.
3 Exhibit A.
4 Exhibit B.
5 Exhibit B.
Page 2 of 3
http://www.factdc.org • 1717 K Street NW, Suite 900, Washington, D.C., 20006 • Phone (202) 787-5860
Senators must conduct themselves according to the Senate Ethics rules. Under the Senate
Ethics Manual’s Scope of The Authority, the Senate “may discipline a Member for any
misconduct, including conduct or activity which does not directly relate to official duties, when
such conduct unfavorably reflects on the institution as a whole.”6 A Senator who solicits
campaign contributions related to official action certainly casts an unfavorable reflection on the
Senate. In addition, the use of official action for political fundraising is directly related to official
duties. Thus, the Senate Select Committee on Ethics is well within the bounds of its Scope of
Authority in investigating and ultimately penalizing this type of unethical behavior.
Senate Ethics Rules prohibit Senators from solicitating campaign contributions based
upon any action taken in their official capacity.
By linking a promise of official action with
campaign contributions, a Senator violates a “basic principle” of Senate Ethics that guards
against conflicts of interest.8 The Senate Ethics Manual is clear that a Senator “should never use
the prestige or influence of a position in the Senate for personal gain . . . . This provision was
intended ‘as a broad prohibition against members, officers or employees deriving financial
benefit, directly or indirectly, from the use of their official position.’”9
Moreover, Senators are
to act based upon merit, not on partisan affiliation or for campaign contributions.10
Senators Warren and Harris’s campaign fundraising emails inextricably intertwine their
official acts with a campaign donation. Warren and Harris stand to gain considerable campaign
income as well as important donor information by promising to use their official position as a
Senator. This directly violates basic principles underlying Senate Ethics Rules regarding
conflicts of interest. “The Senate’s commitment to avoiding conflicts of interest is embodied in
Senate Rule 37. These provisions target the possibility or the appearance that Members or
staff are ‘cashing in’ on their official positions (i.e., using their positions for personal gain) or
that they have personal financial stakes in the outcome of their official duties.” Senators Warren
and Harris’s campaign solicitations rely on this “possibility or appearance” of influence in order
to acquire a considerable sum of campaign contributions.
This Senate Ethics prohibition is central to the legislative process: Senators should not
take action or use official resources in exchange for personal political gain. The public rightly
expects its Senators to exercise impartial judgment in performing their duties, completely
independent of the prospect of personal political gain. With this fundraising tactic, Senators
Warren and Harris indicate to potential contributors that their votes can be influenced by
campaign contributions. This is exactly what the Senate Ethics Manual sets out to prohibit.
Moreover, this fundraising tactic dangerously incentivizes Senators to take action and positions
based on their estimation of what will raise the most campaign contributions—not on the merits
of an issue.
6 Senate Ethics Manual, at 13. 7 Official business and campaign fundraising are explicitly distinguished in the Ethics Manual. See Senate Ethics
Manual, at 141 (The Senate Ethics Manual explains that “[w]hile some legitimate representative duties, such as
services and communications to constituents, might yield some political benefits, they are generally distinguishable
from those activities typically understood by congressional rule, statute, and practice to be political ‘campaign’
activities, such as the solicitation of political contributions.”) 8 Senate Ethics Manual, at 66. 9 Id. at 65-66 (citing S. Rep. No. 95—49, The “Nelson Report”). 10 Compare House Ethics Manual, at 147.
Page 3 of 3
http://www.factdc.org • 1717 K Street NW, Suite 900, Washington, D.C., 20006 • Phone (202) 787-5860
For the reasons set forth above, The Senate Select Committee on Ethics should enforce
the prohibition against fundraising on the promise of taking official action. Senators Warren and
Harris must be held accountable for this violation.
Respectfully submitted,
Kendra Arnold
Executive Director, Foundation for Accountability & Civic Trust


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