KOMMONSENTSJANE – Former CIA Officer: “Violence Will Explode” if Trump Wins Re-Election — Christian Patriots

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For starters, why would I believe someone in the CIA who has been working on the Obama intelligence teams. This is his propaganda BS to scare the people to vote for Biden who shouldn’t be eligible to run to begin with – since the whole group are under investigation.

Why aren’t the democrat Marxists CA/OR/WA states governors/mayors doing their job to protect the people and arrest the arsonists – but they are not.   Instead they are helping the terrorists.  Why isn’t Governor Newsom working for the people instead of his Aunt Pelosi.  He could help during the crisis instead of continuing to panic while he continues to blame his climate change as the fault of their misery.  It looks like these states will be left in the wilderness after the fires. When are the fires going to hit Hollyweed?

Wonder if the citizens will continue voting for the Democrats who have deliberately caused all of this misery?



ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

But rioting would continue under Biden. Biden will be the anarchist’s puppet.


Former CIA Officer: “Violence Will Explode” if Trump Wins Re-Election — Christian Patriots

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1 Response to KOMMONSENTSJANE – Former CIA Officer: “Violence Will Explode” if Trump Wins Re-Election — Christian Patriots

  1. nootkabear says:

    Looks like either way, we had better gear up for Civil War. You know that Americans will only put up with this for so long, before the s hits the fan. I am surprised that nothing has happened this far. The lockdowns, then the reality for most people when they finally get around to realizing that the whole thing has been a big hoax, or not. No matter anyone’s feelings, the CDC and a ton of doctors have stated that less than 1% of deaths were Covid-19. Unless this country is a hopeless bunch of sheep, someone will be answerable for this shit.
    You can see the people that are total sheep, they are the ones still wearing masks and getting mad at anyone not wearing masks.
    Are they so stupid that they think that by being very obedient that the globalists, marxists, communists, will look upon them favorably? They need to go on back and read the true history one more time. The Jews did nothing, except die.


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