Is it too late too late? Former Congressman Bob Barr co-founded LIBERTY GUARD in a 2009 to fight for a return to limited Constitutional government in America. LIBERTY GUARD was one of the first organizations to sound the alarm over how the Obama National Security Agency, CIA, and FBI were systematically collecting and storing the phone calls, emails, and text messages of tens of millions of Americans – likely almost every American – and could easily use this information to target Americans for partisan political purposes.

This is exactly what happened. As we now know, Team OBAMA/BIDEN used the awesome surveillance powers of the FBI, CIA, and other agencies of government to attempt to destroy the Republican nominee for President. After that failed, Obama administration holdovers succeeded in triggering an illegitimate Independent Counsel investigation of President Trump in an attempt to overthrow our duly-elected President. LIBERTY GUARD has been investigating and exposing this “Spygate” scandal now for more than three years and rallying the American people to demand the perpetrators of the COUP attempt by TEAM OBAMA/BIDEN be brought to justice.

Roger Stone is awaiting a 40-month sentence while Andrew McCabe enjoys life as a high-profile CNN commentator, creating outrage among conservatives who see a political double standard when it comes to prosecutions of false statements.

Both lied to federal investigators or Congress, a federal offense that can be prosecuted and result in prison time.

Their disparate treatment gives rise to concerns that Washington has a two-track justice system that prosecutes President Trump’s allies and allows his liberal opponents to go free.


There is little or no pursuit of Trump opponents.

LIBERTY GUARD is the only grass roots group led by a former federal prosecutor offering you the opportunity to help bring the Deep State conspirators to justice – FINALLY.

LIBERTY GUARD is a non-profit and voluntarily funded by politically aware, active citizens.



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