KOMMONSENTSJANE – The Dems Plan to Steal the Presidency.

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We have to keep the Dem’s honest.  Separate the CHEATING MAIL IN VOTES  from the REAL VOTES.

The 2020 election is a Federal election and should not be trusted to the local authorities to keep it honest.  We must have it handled with the National Guard to keep it honest – a Democrat and a Republican representative at every voting place.

Remember they stole the 2018 election and that is why we are in the shape we are in today. That was a trial run in 2018 for the Democrats and now in 2020 is the real coup. The 2018 brought in all of the radicals from AG’s to congress people throughout the U.S.

We have to do our part and go to the polls and vote.



American Thinker
By William L. Gensert

antifa thugs

It comes as a stark and frightening realization that the Democrats are not the idiots they appear to be. Stark, because they tried to use the Steele Dossier, a folder full of ridiculous and easily debunked rumor and imaginative narrative, to at first steal an election and then, depose a president. And they are now trying to convince Americans that “law and order” Trump, who has decried the riots from the beginning and offered federal support to Democrat-run cities and states to stop them, is somehow now responsible for all the destruction and violence. It is obvious they think Americans are the stupid ones.

It is frightening because the realization comes with an understanding that the Democrats have a many-faceted plan to steal the Presidential Election, now less than two months away.

They tried everything in Trump’s first term, from the aforementioned dossier to…

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