Another boondoggle city council. Cutting dollars from the Police Department to be a part of the Democrat crowd.

Cutting expenses during an election year always intrigued me when city council members talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. How much of this money in the past has gone to the Democratic Party during an election?

We must look into our mayor and council members’ qualifications when putting them into these jobs. Do we put them in because they are a Democrat or a Republican? Folks we are having money problems because for starters they aren’t qualified to spend our money because of their back ground. We need to hire accountants who check out these council members spending billions of dollars with no background in finance AND MAKE THEM JUSTIFY WHERE OUR DOLLARS ARE GOING.

That is the problem with our government in D.C. and the problem in our cities where we are drowning in debt because the people spending the money have no consciousness in the money area.

In this country our politicians have to start spending our tax money like it was their bank account and being held accountable when you don’t know where the money went.

We are finding out in cities and states that money is being thrown out to the wolves in sheep’s clothing and this has to stop.

Just listening to these council people tells you all anyone needs to know – how much money is this council sending to the Democratic Party because this is happening all over the U.S. and needs to be checked out and verified.


WFAA-TV Dallas-Ft. Worth
Dallas City Council supports cutting $7 million from Dallas police overtime budget
David Goins

September 4, 2020

WFAA-TV Dallas-Ft. Worth

Dallas City Council supports cutting $7 million from Dallas police overtime budget a meeting that started Wednesday morning and ended early Thursday morning, the Dallas City Council gave preliminary support for an amendment that would cut $7 million from the Dallas Police Department overtime budget.

Dallas City Council planning next year’s budget; members call for relocating funds from police department”

Amendment 43, authored by District 7 councilmember Adam Bazaldua, moves the funding into a variety of programs, including $2 million to modernize traffic signals, $1 million for streetlights, and $1.6 million for DPD to hire 21 civilian full-time employees.

The amendment had six co-sponsors with a total of 11 councilmembers indicating support in an informal straw poll late Wednesday.

It was one of 80 amendments the council debated during a meeting that lasted more than 12 hours ahead of a final vote to approve a more than $1 billion budget on Sept. 23.

Bazaldua said the council would send the wrong message by continuing to fund $25-30 million dollars for DPD overtime when the department has approximately 1,000 officers “sitting behind a desk.”

“We’re going to perpetuate a vicious cycle that we know will almost be impossible to break unless we actually make a bold decision,” Bazaldua said.

DPD has $24 million budgeted for overtime for the proposed 2021 budget starting Oct. 1.

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall told councilmembers the DPD overtime budget for the current fiscal year was $26.4 million, but the department had already used $31.1 million in overtime.

District 12 councilmember Cara Mendelsohn opposed the amendment, saying DPD already proposed a $2.4 million reduction in overtime in the proposed budget.

“We’re going to end up going into our reserve funds to pay for it,” Mendelsohn said. “And the reserve funds are not there as an operating contingency for something we know is going to happen.”

Earlier Wednesday, the council rejected three amendments from Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson to cut $6.5 million from City Hall employee executive salaries to pay for a variety of public safety initiatives.

Johnson, sensing the amendments didn’t have the needed support to advance in the budget process, said the council is sending the message it refuses to reduce pay at city hall, even during an economic downturn.

“If not now – then lets just be honest and say – never,” Johnson said. “Salaries only go up at the city of Dallas. That’s all we do, pay people more money to do the same job even when the rest of the world is suffering.”


It is time to pass a law for all politicians to be responsible for the “lost” money that can’t be accountable!


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