The only reason for the book is to make money to cover his lawyer’s fees. Don’t buy his book.

Wasn’t it the New York Times who was in cahoots with Strzok and others in the intelligence bureaus funneling government secrets to the rag/fake newspaper?

When will there be retribution for these crimes? Isn’t the newspaper culpable?

In Strzok’s eyes he was working for the Obama coup which is called a crime and still is. Can you imagine a white guy following Obama into the swamp. What were these guys thinking – trying to help Obama over throw the government? And these men are supposed to be smart?

They had it all figured out? They must have been watching too many James Bond movies. It is laughable.

My question is – what kind of government were they intending to put in its place? A soviet-styled – reporting to Putin?

The elephants (Nunes) in the room were fighting like hell to stop the bleeding and still are. Question: Did they know what was going on?


The New York Times

Ex-F.B.I. Agent in Russia Inquiry Says Trump Is a National Security Threat

WASHINGTON — A former senior F.B.I. agent at the center of the investigations into Hillary Clinton’s email server and the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia defends the handling of the inquiries and declares President Trump a national security threat in a new memoir, while admitting that the bureau made mistakes that upended the 2016 presidential election.

Peter Strzok, a former F.B.I. agent, reveals details in a new book about the bureau’s debate over investigating President Trump.

The former agent, Peter Strzok, who was removed from the special counsel’s team and later fired over disparaging texts he sent about Mr. Trump, has mostly kept silent as the president and his supporters have vilified him.

But Mr. Strzok’s new book, “Compromised,” a copy of which was obtained by The New York Times ahead of its publication on Tuesday, provides a detailed account of navigating the two politically toxic investigations and a forceful apologia of the bureau’s acts.

Mr. Strzok also reveals details about the F.B.I.’s internal debate over investigating the president himself, writing that the question arose early in the Trump presidency and suggesting that agents were eyeing others around Mr. Trump.

Mr. Strzok was himself at first opposed to investigating the president.

What a loser, so stupid to think they could get away with a coup?

Still waiting for the shoe to fall?


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