Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden was heckled by a Trump supporter as he hit the campaign trail in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania.

Take a look at him, that is the guy who walked beside Obama, who told the American voters:

My legacy will be an America brought down to the level of the rest of the world. Yep, just like the rest of the third world – the Democratic Party stole everything but the kitchen sink.

Remember Biden is the guy who is at this moment is representing the Democratic Party who is under investigation and who have turned our country upside down with a coup while looting and turning our cities into ashes.

And, their radical communist party (AOC – PLUS FOUR) want a vote for the GREEN DEAL from the American people.


The heckler asked more intelligent questions than CNN, ABC, NBC, the Washington Post and the New York Times combined.

Biden keeps telling us HE IS GOING TO RAISE OUR TAXES. Remember what happened when he was the VP for Obama and the Democrats found out what “CHANGE” meant to Biden/Obama:

More debt, more taxes, more welfare, more regulations, more government, more wasteful spending, and MORE CORRUPTION.

By the way, aren’t these reporters the same reporters who loved Bill Clinton whose extracurricular activities involved cigars and staining blue dresses in the Oval Office? Is that the reason they don’t like President Trump because “he sticks to the true facts?”

So true, when are those stations going to hire real newscasters not fake ones?

And, lastly, they are still looking for the “Constitution.” Biden/Obama/Harris trashed it and put in Sharia law – ask Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh. He can vouch for that!


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