One thing about “Obama Goes Low!” He doesn’t have very far to fall to “hit bottom.”

Another draft – Google hid.


The impression that came across with Obama’s speech was that he was caught and this was the great cover-up. Did you notice how haughty and righteous he spoke? Here is a person who has committed treason and talks and acts like he hasn’t done anything wrong.

Did you notice, he didn’t say anything about Biden, but did about Kamala Harris – like Biden wasn’t in the race. Sounds like he knows something we don’t know. You know my Senator Kaine’s story in the black church. His comments on President Trump was typical of the low-down character he is. He tries to make people think he is this “outstanding” person; but, ends up always being the butt of the jokes.

Have your noticed during the whole week that very few whites had any lead part in the radical DNC convention and in the ads that were displayed? It looks like the radicals taken over the Democratic Party? I hope other people noticed this.

Remember this:

BarackObama #JoeBiden #Election
“Don’t Underestimate Joe’s Ability To Fuck It Up” – Obama

And now? What’s changed, Obama?

Obama goes LOW! People tune out the DNC convention. Ratings go LOW!

This isn’t the only time Obama has gone low.


Obama was trying to make the President look bad; but, his eight years in office was the “biggest heist” in history and on top of that the “coup.” And, the rest of the burglars who spoke – Pelosi/Bill-Hillary/Schumer, et al, put Bonnie and Clyde in the shade.




In the end, we were fortunate to elect President Trump. Can you image going through what the President has with the Democratic Party/Obama/Pelosi/Schumer/FBI, et al, accusations and harassment for all of these years before and since the election? The worst part is the debt Obama put on our backs and how much money all of them walked out with until President Trump came in to office.

The part that was so shameful is Obama’s distant and haughty behavior during this last speech which makes him hated by some of the American people.

He reminded me of a rat in that speech trying to eat all of the cheese before the AG Barr traps go off and they are hauled in. If not, our country will not survive that heist.


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