After further reviewing the situation in the U.S., we must realize that it is not only the Democrats who are destroying our country from within – the Democrats are using outside influence to assist them – Soros. After reviewing the following video which explains the situation, the President and AG Barr must take assist the FEDERAL 2020 election in all of the states because of the disruption in our society – to make the election a legal election.

We are being attacked by the Globalists who are outside the confines of the U.S..


We all know the Democrat Podesta/Billary election in 2016 was tampered with by the Democrats and other outside foreign members of society which is being investigated and still the coup is continuing in the U.S. with the latest burning and looting of cities BY DEMOCRATS.

As we know the state governors have twisted the Constitution after the coronavirus started to rule outside the Constitution. It is now time to use the Constitution for this FEDERAL election and use military forces to conduct it with the citizenry . Since the 2020 election is a FEDERAL election and should not be supervised by each state, we must have the U.S. military work with state workers. Each state should have military soldiers stationed at election stations to be sure they are conducting the election with Federal rules.

During the DC riots when BLM/Antifa burned the church and other criminal activities occurred, one of the Military Generals said the President should not use the military to stop them because these are internal attacks WHICH IS NOT TRUE. Antifa is a worldwide terrorists group assisting Black Lives Matters groups. We must fight FIRE WITH FIRE and use our military within the confines of the U.S. These are foreigners – who are assisting the Democrats called – THE GLOBALISTS. We need to use the Constitution and protect all citizens and their property. The Democrat mayors/governors are not using the Constitution and are allowing the burning and looting.

Also, Mr President, it would be wise to inject some conservatives like Senator Cotton who has served in the military as a top-rank officer to be sure they are serving the interest of the U.S. and not Obama – because what I am seeing is not good. The bulk of those in the top commands are former Obama lackeys. How many conservatives are presently serving in these top positions. This needs to be recalibrated because something is wrong – we are having too many soldiers killed on the job.


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