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I do wish that Google would quit interfering and changing my blogs.  For documentary purposes.  Why is this necessary  I constantly review what is on the web and I constantly have to reverse words and comments.  Right now this blog had none of my comments.


Thank you, Mr. Walker, for injecting common sense into the area of sports.  These sports figures do not realize they are only tearing down their own play house.  People are fed up these sports figures dragging the sports arena into a conflict of their own making.

The “knee” thing failed because they were begging; so, now they are hedging on BLM.

They are spouting – Black lives matter – sure enough; but, so do ALL LIVES MATTERS.  The people who attend the sports game are all people not just blacks.

One thing for sure, we have found out that we don’t need sports on our TV and all of the fake ads. The Second thing for sure – we don’t need athletes who have become rich off our bought tickets telling us to “take a knee.”

People watch sports to get away from “politics,” Sports on TV has nothing to do with politics. If these sports figures have a problem with any political point of view – rag about it with your Congress person – don’t interfere or drag the public into the conflict and interfere with my entertainment or put your money where your mouth is. Sports figures are paid to participate in playing the sport  -not rag on politics – do it on your own time.

Let’s play ball!


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Herschel Walker on protests by pro athletes: We can’t solve anything with a closed fist, we need an open hand How true this is. One of the all time greats, but he needs a lot more support to get his message across. TO THE RIOTERS: For the kid crazy people. If you are too self-centered […]

What we need more of …. — The Goomba Gazette

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