August 27, 2020

After further thought, Baier must be very pleased with Buttigieg’s response. It fit the purpose of Baier who wanted only to rag on the President. It is hard to understand why any human who has children or for themselves why you would support a group of people who are under investigation for treason or being a traitor like the Democrats which tells us you must not have much character when the proof is evident.

When this happens you are not hurting the President – but the American people. If Baier is rooting for Socialism he must not have a very good understanding of economics since it has been proven the free market is the fairest and just model yet devised.

If Baier doesn’t understand the free market system then he must have saw dust upstairs and that is why I don’t watch his evening news.

April 26, 2020

Bret Baier on Fox solicited former Mayor Buttigieg’s opinion on the Republican Convention last night which was way off base. Bret asked his opinion about the Kenosha, Wisconsin riots. As you might expect he blames all of it on the President, as usual – not the Governor whose responsibility it is to follow the Constitution and protect all citizens not just Democrats which is not happening. Why – because they want to hurt the small businesses’ economy to make the President look bad. which is not happening and the polls reflect that the Democrats are being blamed for their lack of due diligence in all of the states run by Democrats.

The polls reflect that.

Bret then went on to discuss the coronavirus which Buttigieg also blamed on the President. No wonder Buttigieg fell off the presidential candidates’ wagon. Buttigieg couldn’t even run his city’s mayoral job – and he thought he was ready for the big league.

It looks like he is going to have to stick to orchestrations in his own bed since he is not ready for the big time.

What a dud!


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