Via Arlin’s Report.


Whether you like Trump or not – it is our country and our “stuff” these idiots want. They fundamentally want to finish up what Obama did in changing our country. These socialists do not have the values of the Constitution. So here we are – fighting for a country our forefathers built and these degenerates want to come in and take it over – AOC PLUS FOUR. The bulk of them are immigrants who Obama hauled their a$$es in here to disrupt the country and vote us out.

They have dumb-down the young people and brain-washed them with their socialism and have turned them upside down in that they now think day is night and night is day and up is down.

The young people better listen. You will be their slaves if you don’t help us fight them.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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