As usual, the assels at Google interfered with this blog. For documentary purposes.

Fox and Friends had a very lively segment this morning between Donna Brazile and Tammy Bruce. My advice is when the segment gets out of control – they should shut down both sides and get things under control because we could not hear either side. Why does Fox continue to use a liar in their segments like Brazile?

Remember this: Brazile admits she shared debate questions with the Clinton 2016 campaign. They always have to have a “one up on anything they do – which is called cheating.”

‘Go to hell!’: Donna Brazile attacks RNC chairwoman over talk of possible brokered Democratic convention

Brazile was all riled up after Herschel Walker spoke at the Republican Convention last night and said President Trump was not a racist. Brazile is the one who is a racist with her lies about white people. She is not an honest broker for her party.

Brazile is tied to the hip with the lying Democrats.

The problem with Democrats is they never can answer three questions in their argument.

1. Compared to what?

2. At what cost?

3. What hard evidence do you have.

Please, Fox, don’t continue to subject us to this liar. They do have other Democrat debaters.


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