Joe Biden left the Democratic National Convention last week politically wounded – and even some members of his own party are not convinced he can stop the bleeding.

They did not bring up the BLM/Antifa riots, looting and burning during the convention. They didn’t want to go there!

Democrats didn’t want to talk about the rioting, looting, and burning in Portland, Chicago, and New York during their convention – NOT A WORD. Americans are fed up with the radical Democrats!

Biden has limped through the convention with an idled mind and the devil’s workshop in tow. It’s not just the overall polling that worries some in the DNC – it’s Biden’s seeming lack of mental ability without a prompter that worries the Democrats. That is why they don’t want any debates (until after the election – really). Why would you debate after the election? That is too funny. But that is why the Democrats don’t want Biden to debate before the election.

Can you imagine, the radical Democrats want to debate AFTER THE ELECTION:

WE MUST INSIST on debates before the election. Biden must take a cognitive test and a COVID-19 test before the debates.

Now to the next set of lies from the NYT TOILET PAPER! The NYT didn’t think it up so they want to demean it. Par for their ability to think. Lack of sensibility.


The New York Times
Texas Republicans Say New Slogan Was Inspired by Poem, Not QAnon

Matthew Rosenberg

August 23, 2020

Facing questions about its use of the slogan “We Are the Storm,” a rallying cry for QAnon adherents, the Texas Republican Party is defending its adoption of the language, saying it was drawn from a poem and had nothing to do with the internet-driven conspiracy theory that claims President Trump was elected to save America from pedophile Satanists.

The QAnon use of the slogan, “We Are the Storm,” grew out of one of those purported messages from Mr. Trump. In 2017, he quipped during a photo op with generals: “You guys know what this represents? Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.”

Since then, the catchphrase has become a main rallying cry for QAnon believers. They use it to refer to what they claim is a coming conflagration between Mr. Trump and his enemies.

The Texas Republican Party adopted the slogan in late July after Mr. West, a former Florida congressman, was elected as its new chairman. It was soon plastered on the party’s emails and messages, and on T-shirts, hats and sweatshirts that it sells.

The new slogan alarmed some prominent members of the state party, who saw it as a barely coded signal to QAnon followers that they had a home in the G.O.P. In interviews, more than a half-dozen current and former party members, some of whom had served in senior roles within the party, shared their concerns, describing a party that was increasingly dominated by far-right ideologues.

Some in the party, the party members said, shared the QAnon belief about the government was being dominated by pedophiles, and others were more than willing to court the conspiracy theory’s followers if it meant keeping Democrats from making gains in elections this November.


The Democratic Party is the most immoral piece of humanity which is/was evident during Obama’s time in office. How many people were fired because they had nudity on their computers and spent time watching it during their work hours.

A good example was the FBI and all of the sex going on in the division. Won’t name any names.

Why won’t they answer that knock on the door? Are they scared?

Now have to add photos after publication because Google won’t allow a draft.


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