Portland businesses fleeing downtown offices due to nightly BLM riots

Posted on August 23, 2020 by DCG

Wonder why the Demorats didn’t mention this at the convention? You would have thought he would have fit in at the convention and made a report on how many buildings have been looted and torched.

Demorat Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler

Nutty as a fruit cake.

The City of Portland is on day 80-something of demorat-approved nightly chaos: Rioting, looting, burning buildings and people being injured. It’s a dangerous place for residents to visit.

Apparently some businesses have had enough and are packing up and leaving. From NY Post:

“Large companies are fleeing offices in downtown Portland — because nightly Black Lives Matter riots are making the heart of the Oregon city a no-go area, according to a report.

“Businesses are leaving,” Andrew Hoan, president and CEO of the Portland Business Alliance (PBA), told KATU.

“The financial consequences to the downtown corridor are a running calculation that is almost impossible to wrap your mind around,” he said — with one company already saying the riots have cost $20 million in damage and lost business.

“You have blocks and blocks of plywood. You have graffiti. You have an accumulation of damages that are unrepaired, an ongoing perception that coming downtown is not a safe place,” Hoan said.

“We need to start to turn the corner now, so that this sort of irreparable damage does not last,” the business leader said.

Portland has seen regular violence and destruction during 83 consecutive nights of protests, with Tuesday once again being declared a riot as a mob smashed its way into a government building and set fires.”

Read the whole story here.


Good job, demorats. Remember this in November.


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