Today, August 22, 2020, the song I am dedicating to you is:

My Hit Parade: Americana By Moe Bandy.

Every person has the instinct to recognize those who don’t believe in God and never tell the truth. How? Because God opens many doors to the truth and the fact that the Democrats never knock on God’s door of truth tells you – they have never felt God’s hands of faith.

Why is that? Because!

Biden/Pelosi/Schumer/Obama/Michelle think they can win by removing God from our country’s history instead of embracing him. They are all in the elder years of their life and we shall see how they face the end of their life? They think they are God and are trying to tear down our country into a socialistic system which doesn’t embrace God.

We must not allow these God-less people to endure. We must all (even the young) knock on the door of truth and cast out these God-less people.

In reflecting on an individual’s life, we all know that ” an individual’s life” is deemed on being in the right place and right time for events. Watching Joe Biden describing our President Trump, who was brought to us to stop the Democrats from destroying our country and way of life which would have happened if Billary would have been elected. We are now being tested to see if we will continue our road to continue cleaning out the swamp of the Democrats.

Just check out – the bulk of the Democrat representatives – they are people who have been reared with values of the countries their parents came from – socialist. Or, have been brain-washed into ignorance with socialism in our educational system. We have failed to take that in account when we vote (Obama raised in Kenya and Kamala Harris was schooled some in Canada – not American values.). That is our problem, folks.

In other words, DO WE TRUST PRESIDENT TRUMP to finish the jobs of bringing justice to those who tried to destroy this country with a coup. If not then, the Democrats will sweep “the coup” under the rug and pick up where they left off with Obama with the same people back in power and the swamp will continue destroying our America. Biden has promised that.

We are are at a dangerous crossroad in our country. Joe Biden/Kamala Harris are God-less people whose evil minds (Biden was brain-washed by Obama – his mind is not working, now.) are not geared in the values of the Constitution. They are using trickery, again, to take us into the country’s valley of death by promising, like Obama; but, have no intentions of using the Constitution. The radicals will take over and turn our country into “hell on earth” for conservatives. That is why you see only dark people (AOC/plus four) participating in Biden’s campaign.

As native Americans, we must fight the good fight against the people who were illegally brought into this country by Bush’s/Clinton/Obama and who will not adopt our values. These people are full of hate and are not adopting the Constitution and hate the native Americans. They did not build this country – our relatives did.

We must vote all of these illegals out of office and bring stability back to our country. Do not vote for any Democrat.

Stand with President Trump so he can FINISH the job he was sent to do – which is to clear the evil coup Obamas’ and putting them all behind bars.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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