Tonight under the big tent – the DNC will talk about guns. Let’s see if they talk about BLM/Antifa and all the terrorism they are committing under the banner of the Democrats and corporations? Shame on Goodyear and others who will be called out.

Wonder if they will talk about the coup or the Obama doubling the debt or BLM/Antifa terrorizing Democrat cities?


BLM is a Marxist, communist organization that trends every four years (election year) and the racial component is being co-opted and leveraged against us to remove this administration – and those are the words of BLM’s own leaders paraphrased (readily available clips on SM.)

Moreover, Obama was reelected after a disastrous first term where he possessed the Executive and both chambers of Congress; ergo he could have passed any bill he cared to: police reform, immigration, civil rights/reparations, etc. What did he do instead? Nothing; apparently saving it all for this moment knowing it would be more politically valuable for him in his current vantage point as he operates out of his walled estate basement just down the street from the White House. Obama never left. He never surrendered aspects of his power. He is the point man and he will face treason charges.

Let’s draw back on the events and span that became totally disruptive to the anticipated timeline. Given everything outlined above and moving into May, expectations were predicated on the predicted (by @EntheosShines on Twitter and it occurred on this very day) 07 May 20 exoneration of Lt. Gen. Flynn. Subsequent to that and in the same time frame, #Obamagate began to trend hard on social media; making its way into the MSM in a broader capacity and being indicative of immediate and forthcoming traction. This aligned with a prediction we made independently on Twitter regarding the same.

Subsequent to that came the questionable Chauvin/Floyd incident and on 29 May, the riots broke-out. It should be noted that our grasp of the COVID-19 matter was so thorough and on-point that we predicted these precise riots by three or so weeks. The net effect of the Chauvin/Floyd incident and the riots/race war achieved its objective – to preempt and prevent movement on Obama.

Note that since 29 May, the MSM narrative has been full-tilt pushing the manufactured riots and race war. Note that Sullivan’s request for en banc review in the Flynn case further drives the indeterminate timeline. Why? Look at Flynn for the model. They dragged his case-out for four years to drag it past the election, as stated. The riots and race war serve the same purpose (and several others of monumental importance.)

With no viable message, platform, campaign or candidate, their only strategy is to construct and manufacture events and narrative to create portals to attack Trump and mire his campaign in racially charged propaganda; the other portal being his willful decision to compromise public safety over a cooked-up and fraudulent pandemic. It’s all they have. If you’ll notice, their current strategy (campaign/MSM) looks exactly as described.

Looking Forward
Moves and countermoves – welcome to the swamp. Obama’s efforts to put Trump’s efforts into a tailspin were temporarily successful and left us all asking questions. I think we’re currently sitting in a small bubble of time between Obama’s last move to pre-empt #Obamagate and Trump’s next countermove. I would suggest that Trump’s countermoves are already underway and we’re seeing the pretext of that already; especially in light of the new Flynn development coupled with suggestions from QAnon that Flynn may be tabbed as the replacement for FBI Director Christopher Wray, who is thought to be a sleeper antithetical to the administration’s interests (his record of actions and decisions relative to the Trump administration would suggest this.)


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