KOMMONSENTSJANE – Biden Evades the Press, but Sits for an Interview with Ex-Stripper Cardi B

When is Biden going to face the nation and have a debate with President Trump. Biden needs to give more facts to the nation about how the radical left is going to pay for their decency, Biden a good man, and the radical stuff as they say. No factual substance, yet!


Biden Evades the Press, but Sits for an Interview with Ex-Stripper Cardi B

Marie Finn
August 20, 2020

Democratic nominee Joe Biden has taken a novel approach to presidential campaign strategy by dodging legitimate reporters to interview with rapper Cardi B, who was indicted on felony assault charges for a strip club brawl.

Critics were shocked that Cardi B, who has admitted to drugging and robbing men while she worked as a stripper, was the person Biden chose to have a seemingly pre-approved dialogue with, rather than an actual journalist.

Biden is even facing backlash from his liberal press allies, “Reporters are rightly calling out Biden for failing to hold a press conference in recent days,” said CNN’s Brian Stelter.

Here are the highlights from their conversation.

Biden uses the opportunity to get his daughter a meet and greet.

Cardi opened the interview eloquently as ever: “Oh, snap. Is this real?”

Biden was quick to pull his daughter, who is a fan, in for a meet and greet. Cardi fluttered her inch and half long manicured nails in greeting, then Biden referred to himself as “Joey B”.


Different strokes for different folks as the saying goes.


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