KOMMONSENTSJANE – America Is Not An Idea.

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American Remnant

By Darrell Dow

The hard left drift of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, the increasing violence and iconoclasm of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and the remarks of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about Father Damien should tell us that America is not a credal nation, as the Left and their neoconservative cousins claim, and if it ever was, well, AOC and the ruling class elites are trying to rewrite the creed to write real Americans out of it.

Rampaging mobs loot and burn major cities. 

Vandals desecrate and deface statues and symbols of America’s imperfect but remarkable past. 

Pro-sports leagues have adopted BLM’s false narrative that we live in an irredeemably racist nation.

But beyond that, the Left is and has been using immigration to replace real Americans, black and white alike, to complete the demographic transformation unleashed by Ted Kennedy, Emanuel Celler and Lyndon Johnson with the Immigration and Nationality Act…

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