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Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s (AOC) ignorance and to recognize it. Not display the ignorance as AOC does – every day.


American Remnant

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, AOC to friend and foe, recently bemoaned the fact that so many of the statues found on Capitol Hill are representations of the most disfavored segment of humanity during this season of Wokeness, white males. AOC doesn’t beat around the bush in voicing her disdain: the problem with the statues is the race and sex of those they represent, not what they did. Indeed, she singled out as a statue that should go that of Fr. Damien, hero to such disparate figures as Gandhi and Robert Louis Stevenson and a canonized saint in the Catholic Church. Comparing AOC’s achievements to Fr. Damien’s is like comparing a pebble to Everest.

Although it is both widespread and fashionable, there is nothing admirable about the sort of petulant disdain for white men displayed by AOC and her allies. It is hard to see why racial animus against whites should be regarded…

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