KOMMONSENTSJANE – Flynn Still First on Disrupted Timeline – What Happened to #Obamagate?

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20 JUL 20 (FORTY-SECOND article in a series)

It’s been over a month since the last article and although that was by design and with a more concentrated effort to deliver information piecemeal on Twitter, none of us (our team extended) expected to be where we currently find ourselves. And where is that? Wondering what in the hell happened to #Obamagate while asking ourselves why we’re in the midst of manufactured riots and a new engineered race war. I wonder if it has anything to do with the Democrats being in league with the CCP and not having a viable message, platform, campaign or candidate? Pro-tip – it has everything to do with all of that.

The Mason Jar
</> Update on Flynn case and explanations for its timeline and Sullivan’s corruption.
</> Update on #Obama gate, why it dissipated and its now apparent return
</> Loose projection on the…

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