As Feds Pull Out of Portland, Lawsuits Follow Them

(Good, the courts will sort this out. One sorry governor and mayor. They should be in jail.)


Chantal Da Silva

August 7, 2020

As Feds Pull Out of Portland, Lawsuits Follow Them

Tensions in Portland, Oregon, began dissipate almost immediately after the Trump administration agreed last week to start withdrawing federal officers deployed to the city amid unrest in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

(That is a lie, the Federal folks were there to protect the citizens/federal property since the Governor and Mayor were not protecting the citizens but allowing BLM/ANTIFA to destroy citizens property/federal property.)

Particularly after President Donald Trump threatened to send a “surge of federal law enforcement” into U.S. cities run by Democrats that he accused of being on an “anti-police crusade,” Adams-Schoen said, the legal action taken over the Portland deployment is “still important.”

“One of the arguments that the federal government has made is that the lawsuits…are now moot because of the draw down of federal agents,” she said.

The rest of the article continued to be repetitious.


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