Now, the rest of the story:

For starters, out of towner’s call Austin – Little Moscow since they have been infiltrated with Californians and New Yorkers.

In my working days if I would have complained about a big customer, I would have been fired or laughed at by everyone for such a stupid complaint or even the thought of management taking it seriously.

If I were the owner – my reply would have been – HIT THE ROAD JACK AND DON’T COME BACK. Can you imagine a business owner taking him seriously and this owner making such a bad business decision?

This must be the new “How to not run a business – 101.”

Any body want to help out the Austin PD?


Unbelievable Sign of the Times !!

For the past eight years I have had then fortune of buying and purchase equipment for the Down Town Area Command (DTAC) Bike Patrol and our Bicycle Public Order Team. We have 158 bike officers in DTAC and have been purchasing our bikes from Mellow Johnny’s Bike store in downtown Austin, a local business.

Today I received a call the sales manager I have worked with for years at MJ’S, he informed me that they have three employees who work for them that are complaining about providing bikes to the Austin Police Department in this time of social unrest in protest and disturbances. They stated to ownership that they did not like the fact that we use bicycles to help us manage crowds and crowd movement.

The ownership of MJ’S has decided to listen to three employees and is sending APD an email canceling the four years left on the contract because three employees do not like police officers and did not like us in the store.

I am not going to put the dollar amount out there of the contract but we at APD we’re a great customer and bought 50 TREK police bikes a year from them, you can do the math on the bike at TREK.com but you will be short of the actuate dollar amount because of add ons.

So now a owner of a business choose to use loose one of his biggest contracts and listens to three hourly employees, they were not management. The employees I always talked too at MJ’S were great and we never had a problem so I don’t know why MJ’S choose this path to go down.

If anyone knows of a bike store that would like to serve the police I would love to talk to them about doing our next APD contract.

Craig Casaday, Dawn Hanson, Bill Hanson, Chris Juusola, Dustin Lowe, Frank Creasey Jr, Valejandra Ators, Jack Tripper, Greg Young, Matthew Greer, Joey Cucui, Michael A. Telles


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