The media continues to cover up that Pelosi wasn’t drunk in the above video and they keep covering up the Chinese puzzle that is prevalent in her party. They also say the video’s are fake; but, don’t forget they are members of the loony tunes gang.

They, Pelosi/Schumer, are all part of the still-running sex soap opera called the Obama coup. Explicit sex rampant all over the place.

But – Pelosi’s problem is – her party is split. She can’t get people suitably sorted together. And, it is driving her to drink. She can’t cover all of the bases when you have tribal disputes and social feuds blazing under her own roof, i.e., people who disagree on matters of political opinion and religious views.

Remember where there is smoke – there is fire. Something is wrong with Pelosi. Pelosi is part of the Chinese puzzle. Evidence keeps showing up that she and Fauci contributed to the Coronavirus.

They are also struggling to keep that “it” in the basement. How do you keep a candidate in the basement when he is running for the highest office in the land with no distribution of his platform, only calling it the “new Green deal” with AOC in charge. Trickery is in the air, again. The Democratic Party members are no where to be found and is now the party of Marxists.

All of us know what the new Green deal is – the destruction of our country still lead by Obama as noted at “the Lewis funeral.” Voice raised to the ceiling preaching revolution over a man who touted, “peace.”

Pelosi tries to be this wingless angel sporting her Cartier masks each day to match her social dress; but, in the end she resembles an antelope loping down the halls of Congress with her horns and hoofs and tail.

Pelosi/Schumer’s drama will be revealed when AG Barr’s secrets of the Obama coup is revealed.

And, Pelosi’s “bottoms up” will continue.


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