House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that mail-in voting in the upcoming election will be an essential option for Americans‘ safety and well-being, despite President Donald Trump’s claims that mail-in voting will lead to fraud and delays.

Safety and well-being, since when is Pelosi worried about the taxpayers?

That is another big lie coming out of Pelosi’s mouth.

If people are safe being in public, going to the grocery store, a restaurant, or Walmart – they can go to the polls to vote in person. Or they can VOTE IN THE EARLY ELECTION – whereby you can vote by mail. We don’t need to add more expense to voting that is already incurred with the Pelosi Democrat fraudulent service called mail-in.

The Democrats want to harvest votes like they did in California and we cannot allow that and besides how can we protect the sanctity of voting if you can’t appear at the polls with a photo and prove you voted?

Don’t let the Obama/Pelosi coup fool you again.

All of the money going into bills for the Coronavirus is taking us further into the “poor house.” In these bills Pelosi is adding enough “pork” to take care of the Democrat states who have out-spent what they take in and are now trying to take care of them in the Coronavirus bills for the people. Not one cent should be included for these governors who don’t know how to spend the taxpayers’ money.

Folks, it is time to cut the legs out from under the drunk, “Pelosi.” She should really be in jail with Obama for the coup – not thinking about the next trillion she’s going to throw to her PARTY to have another party in the halls of Congress.

Remember the Coronavirus is the Democrats/Pelosi/China’s baby to put the world under the United Nations and One World Order. She is trying to break the U.S. so we will have to beg for the un-elected United Nation’s help.

Just a reminder – use your noggin for something besides a “hat rack.”


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