Again, Google interferes with this blog by inserting a “F” within the word “AMERICFA.” These are H1b visa folks who work for Google and have no respect for our country.

Hire America – Google!

As we would expect, coup-Obama is still roaming the streets of America using the money he stole from the taxpayers and Soros’ (hired gun) money – and used Congressman Lewis’ funeral to exercise his free speech rights to continue preaching “revolution” against the present duly-elected President. Hasn’t he and Pelosi conducted enough mayhem against the people that you can put this man/Pelosi in jail. What is it going to take? How much more of America are you all going to allow them to destroy?

We know Obama/Pelosi’s brains are not normal by the way they are exercising the use of God’s talent. Obama was raised in his father’s atmosphere of turning his country upside down (revolution) and his mother’s hate for America with this stupid woman, called Pelosi, fawning over/in Obama’s footsteps. So here we are.

Same song, second verse. It could be better – but, it’s worse.

At one point during the REVOLUTION raised voice of this Obama character – did the flowers start withering/shuddering at these baseless lies?

While the rest of the revolutionary audience, without their coronavirus distancing and face masks, jumped up and clapped with joy that this character injected political lies into this somber occasion. Does the coronavirus not affect them or the protesters who do not wear masks? Another two-timing solution for the leftist radicals.

Quoting black/white conservatives:

Obama used his eight years in politics in black communities and made them into radical liberal Democrat laboratories by churning out victims – destroying their cities and allowing black on black deaths.

First, they removed all God-given moral structures by infiltrating the once stalwart black church and turning the heads of pastors, then they throw in a convenient Planned Parenthood abortion facility next door to take care of the consequences of the rampant immoral behavior.

They then install liberal blacks in political leadership of the communities to keep the masses in check. The resulting chaos and suffering are rife throughout Democrat-controlled cities in this nation as we are witnessing. The elected governors and mayors are also involved in this treason and are not following the Constitution, by carving out the destruction of black communities.

What has become of blacks in America under the thumb of liberalism is a travesty beyond calculation. Look at those cities and the blacks killing blacks and abortions running rampant by killing the black population.

Is that okay with the black population? And what have you gotten in return from this “God-less Obama” after eight years, nothing for you – but rights given to non-citizen Muslim population (Islam is not a religion/it is a government first and uses religion as the bait) – and the blacks left with death/destruction in their own neighborhoods?


The blacks have been offered a “hand-up” by President Trump and some have accepted the offer; but, there are others like the black/white bears at MSNBC, NFL/NBA, AND OTHERS, who want to remain under the thumb of liberalism preaching their hate and end up riding the “travesty beyond calculation” Obama train.”

These white people (like Bush II and Bill/Hillary) are on that Obama slave master’s train of years ago, who shackle their minds and soul to a God-less man and Soros – who funds the operation and who continue to use them as a tool in this travesty.

Where did they go wrong? When they put money before God.

The voters put America in their hands and we are all victims of what those people did to the experiment called America.

Again, look what this brand of white/blacks did to our children – abortions in the millions and turning the educational system into a laboratory of ignorance by preaching in their “saintly” manners with Obama, raising his voice in defiance, conducting a eulogy over a man called, Lewis, who professed “peace,” while Obama is preaching “blaspheme” politics over him.

And, to remind you, the people in the crowds standing and clapping for this blaspheme. When did these people buy their ticket on this Godless/moral-less Obama train and how will it all end?

It should come to an end with Obama being arrested, immediately, because you have to “cut the heads” of the snakes (Obama/Pelosi) or it will keep destroying our country and making us slaves to the government – that is their intentions.

They are trying to rip the heart of freedom/democracy from our country and turn us into a socialist country where there is no God – but their God, MONEY!


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  1. nootkabear says:

    How right you are! The sleepers need to awaken. It will take a whole lot of people to keep the upcoming election honest, IF that can be done. They will stop at nothing, and have already discussed what they plan if Trump wins again. These people should have been done away with already. Military trials for all of them.

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