Something to think about. Didn’t I read that the banks were running out of change and requested we help out the banks by bringing in our pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters because they were running short. So, what’s the deal?

We need to ask our DC reps about this.

Leaked Document: ” Project DemCoin”

All across America, businesses are frantically preparing for a new kind of currency.

You may have seen signs like this at your local grocery store or retailer:

Most folks think these ‘no cash’ policies are a temporary precaution.

But currency expert Nick Giambruno has found evidence they’re the leading edge of a much bigger change to our money – a change he calls “Project: DemCoin.”

He says, “What I’ve found on page 314 of this document from Congress proves these businesses are quietly preparing for a change to the dollar.”

What is “Project DemCoin” And what does it mean for your money?

Nick says he’s connected all the dots, and they all point to one inescapable conclusion:

“The wheels of a massive financial change are in motion, and nothing can stop what’s coming.

For many, ‘Project DemCoin’ will lead to a new age of prosperity in America. But folks who are unprepared may miss out entirely.”

To make sure you’re on the right side of this imminent move, Nick has put everything you need to know in a bLeaked Document: ” Project DemCoin”rief presentation.

Go here to see all the details of Project DemCoin. (Click on it anyway.)


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