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It looks like after Pelosi “trying to impeach” failed, the next step for the Dem’s was the coronavirus which took the country down.

Don’t you know the Dem’s who are still getting full salary are laughing and jumping with joy to see the rest of the people suffer while they languish in their MacMansions. Vote these bums out in November. They have messed up the Democracy and now can’t spend their way out of it.

The moral to the story is – take a look around the country and tell me if  you think the Democrats can lead this country after eight years of Obama Democrats’ destruction, and President Trump working day and night – putting up with the Democrats Pelosi/Schumer crap – including the coronavirus  and taking care of business – and some people still want to vote for a Democrat.  Now that is insane.  


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Written by Stephen Lendman  Subject: United States

Economic Collapse the Worst in US History

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The myth of recovery ignores the  US economy’s dismal state.

Numbers calculated as they were pre-1990 before rigging them occurred tell all.

According to economist John Williams, real US unemployment is 32.1% — not the phony Bureau of Labor Statistics phony 11.1%.

Around one-third of working-age Americans are jobless — the number far exceeding peek 25% unemployment during the 1930s Great Depression.

Rising gold and silver prices reflect inflation fears because of money printing madness by the Fed and countless trillions of dollars spent for militarism and endless wars.

According to Williams, real year-over-year inflation is 8.3%, not the phony 0.6% figure for the 12 months through June.

Q II GDP contraction will likely be -50% when reported, an unprecedented economic plunge in US history.

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