Obama and Biden feel threatened by President Trump – they know Trump has their number?

How credible are Biden and Obama with all of the “Ums, Uhs, and You Knows,” especially Biden’s shaky voice and his tendency to mumble?

They remove Biden from the stage when his brain completely shuts down. Can he “stand” for three debates?

Why did Obama come out of the wood work to help Biden – because “Obama has been caught” and knows he has a big problem – because “the buck starts at the top.” Obama is the coup.

What are the different tests for Alzheimer s? Has Biden taken those tests? The President was tested and passed.

Online Tests for Alzheimer’s Disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment and Aging-Related Mental Decline 1 The SAGE Test. SAGE is an abbreviation for the Self-Administered Geocognitive Examination… 2 Mini-Cog. The Mini-Cog differs slightly from the SAGE Test in that a test administrator is required…


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