That is why I trust Melissa Francis because she speaks to power and I know I can trust what she says, especially in the business world. What is so funny is that Baragona doesn’t like what she tells them. The Democrats do the same thing – lying with every word that leaves their mouth.

Surely, he didn’t have trust in what all of the fake news media is telling him after what they have been telling the people for four years.

If so – sucker! It is called – TRUST, BUT VERIFY!


Trump Train News

Fox News Host Says Why the Polls Are Wrong, Including Fox News

Fox News
July 17, 2020| By: Michael C.G. Jamon

Melissa Francis said she doesn’t trust polling, including Fox News’ own polls.

Her reasoning which she revealed on “Outnumbered” was that she has been polled twice recently and that she “has a blast” when she gets called.

Francis says she sometimes “toys” with the pollsters and “sometimes I’m somebody who voted for de Blasio but now is thinking about Trump, sometimes it just depends how I toyed with these folks.”

Journalist Justin Baragona highlighted the issue (below with clip):

Francis responded to Baragona by saying “[a]ny pollster who calls me – I do not tell the truth. It’s not their business. But I misled them left and right in equal measure. Polling is in fact garbage. I also do always disclose where I work and ask from whom they purchased my information.”

She also went on to say “I don’t trust any polling at all based on my personal experience” when Baragona asked her if she also thought Fox News polls are also “garbage.”


Wake up Mr. Baragona – where have you been for four years? It is not their business and the fake news will distort what ever it is for starters.


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