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For starters – Obama politicized the military and removed every conservative starting with the generals down to the dish washers. He allowed immigrants who were not citizens to join. Therefore, you can see why the military is also upside down. And to give the soldiers a dress-down in humiliation – made them march in high-heeled shoes and advertised it. In my eyes, that was an insult to the military.

If our country were standing as one country, I would have to agree with the above writings. But, we all know we live in a divided nation which started with Bush I when he stated that his agenda would be a “One World Order” and no new taxes. This alone explained why he didn’t win re-election and the Clinton’s agenda came into play with the dumbing down of our children, no discipline, and birth control in our schools.

After the Clinton’s came Bush II (he fooled us – he was really a Demorat), and then the forming of the Swamp with Obama for eight years. As we sank in the quagmire of those parties, our military went down with it when Obama took it where it had never been before thinking that we could remake other countries into democratic forces which was a farce; but, that didn’t change the politicians thought process. Just kill the dictators and we can remake any country into anything the politicians wanted – while our soldiers were killed, maimed, and returned home in coffins and on stretchers – in bits and pieces with PTSD as common as the flu – and while the politicians lied and lied to the citizens.

From a citizen’s point of view, when President Trump was elected – our whole country had been castrated in every department of the government by the Obama administration and is still in ICU on life support while his administration is still trying to unplug the country to kill it(by trying to perform a coup surgery with those same people working their dirt on the Trump administration while the investigations continue to show what Obama’s administration did but is having a hard time wanting to bring it forward. Because – never in the history of this country has a community organizer who had no experience in running anything became the leader of the country and was deliberately put in this position by those elite people so they could place this country under the new One World Order run by un-elected bureaucrats in the United Nations.

They will blame President Trump, as usual, since we always have to find someone to be the scapegoat; but, the real purpose is the American people want the problem solved – not be “belligerent,” which is the present process.

The problem is the left wants the country taken into socialism which is the game the rest of the world is playing on the people with the government on the necks of the people, full time.

In order to bring the U.S. politicians back to their senses, AG Barr has to bring all of the people forward who conducted the coup. Plain and simple.

If that doesn’t happen before the 2020 election, the plug will be pulled on our country.

The military needs to be revamped and more conservative generals brought in before things will change.

President Trump wasn’t elected to give all of the Democrats a pacifier. He was elected to clean out the swamp which is deeper than anyone envisioned. But, when Republicans who are supposed to help clean out the swamp are part of the swamp – well,

Rots of Ruck with that?


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