KOMMONSENTSJANE – NeverTrumpers Out of the Closet as Liberal Democrats in Drag

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From the looks of the Never Trumper’s – they don’t like Prez Trump so they want to break all of the crystal and china. The difference in the Never Trumper’s and the Prez is the Prez has been a business man in the world of rough and tough dealings; whereas you have  Billy Kristol and Mitt Romney grew up in the world of politics where toughness had to be simulated with a tread mill. So mixing the two is like trying to mix oil and water. In the end, the Never Trumper’s think bullying Trump is going to help rather than joining forces for the country’s sake – they want to turn it over to the enemy and let them burn it down.

The Constitution doesn’t mean anything to the Never Trumper’s because the way they see it – Trump is like the character Rodney Dangerfield in Caddy Shack and they think they are better than he is. This happens every day.

I pray every day they will come to their senses for the good of their children not for their own selfishness.  Their children will be left to face the ashes. 


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NeverTrumpers Out of the Closet as Liberal Democrats in ...

Source: Brian C. Joondeph

NeverTrumpers are like gnats in the summer, annoying but largely irrelevant as they don’t sting or bite. Their movement hatched when Donald Trump was running for president and they became “the resistance” against the unfit candidate who dared run for president without paying his dues as a senator or governor.

Trump was an outsider, not part of the cool kid clique within the Beltway, much like Rodney Dangerfield’s character inCaddyshack, a clown at the country club cocktail party.

NeverTrumpers are well-known former conservatives, at least before coming out as liberals. This is not unheard of. Bill Clinton was once pro-life and Joe Biden was once tough on crime and pro-law enforcement. Bill Kristol, Jennifer Rubin, George Will, and Max Boot all at one time advocated for conservative policies. Now that they have come out, they tossed any and all conservative principles to the wind.

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