Black Christian people are being killed all over the world by black Muslims. What group in the U.S. is doing this same thing, even little babies?

When will the Democratic Party stop trying to control the lives of blacks?

When is the Democratic Party and Pelosi going to stop trying to make the “black” people white? Especially, Senator Kaine. We have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights in the U.S. and we should have all cultures participating and bringing their experiences into the mix. They removed all of the black schools and incorporated them into the white schools – not the other way around.

Obama/Senator Kaine (D) playing like a rebel believes that whites need to experience the kind of “oppression” that black people have experienced before Americans can be equal. (The Democrats were the slave masters and Kaine is accusing his own party.) That is the reason for the fake news coloring most ads.

Question: Were any of you involved in this oppression – I don’t think so – Kaine is just a trouble maker with a background of working with the rebels south of the border. He still is “playing” a rebel role. He needs to be voted out of office.

This is the reason the Democrats are stating that Biden needs a black woman on his ticket. Now he didn’t say “qualified.”

It all started with the Democrats using slaves to take care of themselves – not the Democrats educating and allowing them freedom to form their own lives. That same picture pops up today. The secret is education. The Democrats do not want them educated because then they could take care of themselves.

To achieve this, they used the Clinton’s “Dumbing down of America.”

Our education system at this point is a quagmire – nothing but socialism is taught. It would be interesting to check our children who left the university this year and graduated and test them on their abilities in reading, writing (joke – they print), and math. Can you image an adult not being able to write? If that is the case, make an effort to take a course in writing. You can do it!

If I were a parent with a child, I would take my voucher and send them to a religious school where discipline is still the order and learning the 3 R’s.

The public schools are run by the Democratic Party’s Teachers UNION teaching SOCIALISM. Until the universities and school system are straightened out, our children will “see nothing and know nothing.” The President is trying to correct this with an executive order; and to continue this fight for our children, he must get your vote.

I see it everyday when I receive the mail with my name HAND-PRINTED – that is fourth grade stuff. Can you image a business using printing by hand?


Kommonsentsjane – Tim Kaine’s (Democrats) remarks: Whites should be punished and become the minority.

Kommonsentsjane – Democrats stepped on Obama’s rusty nail.

Kommonsentsjane – The money trail shows Tim Kaine embraces the Muslim Brotherhood.


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