KOMMONSENTSJANE – Why President Trump Is Right To Commute Roger Stone’s Sentence — Political Arena.

Google continues to interfere with this blog by erasing what I input.  For documentation purposes.  Google you are not going to dictate what I write.  So stop it, damnit.

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For your information. Pelosi’s words – A blonde and a brunette worked in a factory. The brunette says, “I know how to get some time off from work!” “How?” asks the blonde. “Watch this,” says the brunette. She climbs up to the rafter and hangs upside down.

The boss walks in, sees her and says, “What on earth are you doing?” “I’m a light bulb,” she answers. “I think you need some time off,” says the boss – so she jumps down and walks out. The blonde starts walking out, too. “Where are YOU going?” says the boss. The blonde replies, “I can’t work in the dark!”

So, you see,  Pelosi’s light bulb is out, for sure.  Doesn’t this prove it?  The blonde said it!


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

President Trump did the right thing in commuting Roger stone’s sentence so that he will not have to go to jail while waiting for his appeal, which he will eventually win. Why will Stone win? 1 – The jury foreman in the trial is a hyper partisan Trump hater who bragged about hating them while […]

See video below…….in green

Why President Trump Is Right To Commute Roger Stone’s Sentence — Political Arena

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