Hit a snag – I tried to place an order and this is what I got instead:

Yes, we all agree Black lives matter; BUT, so do, ALL LIVES MATTER – even yours. The Black people have to help us in this fight for the country against the radical left or we will all be slaves under the radical left Marxists.

Are these corporations continuing to pay extortion money to Black Lives Matters as they did with Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?

Corporations paying extortion money to BLM does not make the rest of us safe nor you, i.e., Baltimore, etc., BLM/ANTIFA protesting, looting, and burning.

Corporations must take a stand for the Constitution not the radical left who are Marxists.

Wake up from your nap!


Jonathan Johnson
CEO, Overstock.com

What We’re Doing in Support

This is a sad and painful time in America. The Overstock team joins the millions of voices crying out for the end of racism and racial injustice. Racism is abhorrent. Racial injustice is deplorable. We stand with our fellow Black customers, partners, employees, and the Black community. Black lives matter.

Recent events cause us to recall the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.: “The time is always right to do what is right.” We must do a better job of doing what has always been right – eliminating the racism and racial injustices experienced by the Black community in America. We have been listening, learning, and thoughtfully evaluating what actions to take.

We commit to:
Increase the diversity of our team – at all levels.
Amplify the voices of our Black employees.
Foster inclusion and safety within our walls.
Continue real and meaningful race dialogue within our company and communities.
Expand our Company Volunteer Time Off program to include efforts to combat racial injustice.
Continue to condemn all forms of racial discrimination and harassment.
Encourage our employees to vote by expanding our Paid Time Off program.
Track and monitor our progress on these commitments … and do more.

We will do what is right – now and in the future.


I tried to order a 21 cubic feet upright freezer which they advertised in the photo but in the description it really was less than 3 cubic feet. This is called misrepresentation. So, how can I believe anything else? I left the sight with a notation, “LIARS.”


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